FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/22/21

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Howdy! Dan from Toronto

I tuned in to Raw for the egg story.

I was disappointed by the egg story.

Apologies to newly crowned 24/7 titleholder Dana Brooke, but I wasn’t wild about the non-egg stories, either. Heck, even Becky’s in-ring promo felt off by her standards.

Happy to see Seth’s okay and I can’t imagine I’m the only person that guessed a bunch of leftover Pizza Hut was the surprise in the Street Profits’ bag.

For a brief moment, one guy managed to unite all wrestling fans tonight: we all agree that attacking performers makes you a complete arsehole.

I was genuinely worried that the egg hunt story was going to culminate in someone getting fired which would have been incredibly tone deaf, even for a company that spent four hours last night teasing an appearance by someone they knew wasn’t coming (sorry, I’m still not over how weird that was). So by that measure, I guess the result was… better than I expected?

Do you think there’s a long-ish term plan for Austin Theory? It’s only been a few weeks but he’s the one new star they seem to be consistently building.

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Carl from Calgary:

With the golden egg heist, I wondered if we were going to get Rikishi coming forward saying: “I did it for you Rock.” Very anticlimactic ending to the search, I guess a way to give Theory a look in a big profile match. I do like Big E having multiple threats with Owens and Rollins rather than a month long feud with only one guy.

October 4th was the last time the Raw Women’s titles were defended, which shows how little importance they carry. Our British monarch and Miss America the new champions, another hastily assembled tag team. Nikki A.S.H. may be finished now and not even a heel turn by Rhea.

I feel like Dominick is getting worse, not better. Developmental would be the best place for him. I get Rey wanting to share the ring with his son though.

I did not care for Becky taunting Liv about crying repeatedly. The problem is how do they make us care after a great match between arguably the two best women on the roster at Survivor Series?

Sami Zayn remains one of my favorite competitors, the only part of egg hunt that I liked.

A 4 out of 10 show for me.