FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/25/19

What did you think of tonight’s Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

This Seth losing the locker room because he’s a tool angle is great. This show only enforces that Kevin Owens should be a top baby face priority in this company as well as win the rumble & leave Wrestlemania with gold. As goofy as Murphy/Black was last week, I thought they did a good job tonight and this feud has potential. A pretty enjoyable episode with seeds planted for future feuds. Negatives, too many mist spots too often & was it me or was Lawler extra batty tonight?

thanks for the postcard.

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Brandon from Oshawa

This was easily one of the best Raws of the year. Owens, Mysterio & Rusev were all super over and they should be focused on as the top babyfaces of the brand. I thought at the beginning of the show that a Rollins/AoP pairing would be solid and I loved that the show ended with a potential tease of that. My only issue was that The Viking Raiders didnt stand up for themselves, being the only winners from Raw. They looked like total losers in that opening segment.

Guy from Charlotte, NC:

RAW continues to be an improved show.
It’s far from great, or even very good, but it’s much better than it was just a few weeks ago.
Even the Rusev-Lashley stuff is starting to pay off.
The US Title saga tonight was pro-wrestling at it’s best and the main event was a very good match with a potential angle being set up at the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed tonight. 7 out of 10.

Luk from Quebec!

I commend WWE both for following up on RAW’s poor performance at Survivor Series but more importantly, for not forcing Seth to be face when the crowd has clearly turned on him. A rare occurrence of them going along with what people want instead of fighting it. Best moment of the night was the odd, very New Japan-like moment between Drew and Orton. You know wrestling is fucked up because the whole time Rey was on his son’s shoulders, all I could think about was that he was gonna drop him Evolution style. The US belt is worthless but still a very nice moment for Rey, especially in the building where he won the title all those years ago. Lawler was extra annoying tonight, bringing up Seth’s speech and NXT’s victory waaaay too much.

Thank you guys for the coverage over this entire weekend!

Samuel from Québec

Thought Raw was really good tonight. For the first time in a very long time, the 3 hours length didn’t feel as long as usual. I’m glad Seth is now heel playing an oblivious asshole, clearly inspired by his twitter game. Kevin Owens is finally back to being used as a major star and I hope this lasts more than a couple months. Best part of the show was the fatal four way that lead to the US title match. Every exchange between Rey and Ricochet was amazing to watch. AJ vs Rey was also superb and I love how the US title change felt like a huge deal. Aleister Black looked badass when he attacked Murphy and I can’t wait for these two to have a match. Finally, I’m glad the Kabuki Warriors keep getting air time and actually win matches.

My main complaint for this show is I wish Rowan would let that poor camera go free instead of keeping it in a small cage and talking to it creepily.


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Jay from Colorado

What was going on with Lawler tonight? At one at the beginning of the Flair vs Asuka match he said “When Charlotte lost last night her father Ric Flair was looking down on her.” To which Vic Joseph whispered “King…Flair isn’t dead.” And Lawler muttered “That’s very condescending.”

Decent show tonight though even the Bobby Lashley and Rusev stuff was good. 7/10

Alexander from Portland

I wasn’t able to watch all of RAW tonight but I just had some questions. Multiple times AoP was told ‘you shoulda been there’ at Survivor Series. Why weren’t they? Did they have a chance to participate and they chose not to? Secondly Seth said everyone sucked, why didn’t the Viking Raiders defend themselves as the only winning part of RAW? Regardless, I’m happy to see there being stakes for the losers. RAW is making their losses at Survivor Series into a storyline, but why couldn’t we have had something like this last year when Smackdown lost all but one match?

Question: tonight we saw the return of Matt Hardy. What do you think is the best way to book him without Jeff? I love the idea of him playing being a veteran, similar to Dustin Rhodes in AEW. I also wouldn’t be opposed to him being The Fiend’s opponent for Royal Rumble.

Nas from NYC

Great show. More of these on Mondays please. Rey winning was so so awesome. That match ended right before 10pm. Imagine how awesome it would be if Raw was only 2 hours and that win ended the weekend. Lots of good wrestling tonight again. The Rusev and Lashley segment was great too.

AJ Styles didn’t utter a single word for a good minute and still had a better promo than most of Seth Rollins’ this year. 8/10 show.

I agree, it was good. Lots of time for some dream matches, the angle at the start was really nice. I would have preferred a finish instead of AOP at the end. I would have liked to see the locker room recognizing KO as their new leader.