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Andrew from Cape Breton

It definitely seemed like WWE was the hottest it’s ever been at Survivor Series with Punk’s return, even hotter than usual. This show had this night after Wrestlemania feel. What followed was a big man match finish out of the 80s, bad R-Truth comedy segments, the longest Nia Jax match I can remember, and some individual named “Jelly Roll”. But, everyone was waiting with bated breath and waiting in anticipation for Punk to have a gosh golly gee white meat babyface promo.

When everything went down in AEW, I was always hoping things could work out, because CM Punk in AEW was incredible. It was some of the best work of his career and while it’s really early, it already feels like he fit better there. I actually do have some sympathy for Tony Khan as he had to juggle making both Punk and the Young Bucks happy, as they were in a contract year. He failed, and everyone failed and it’s a shame, as I don’t think Seth Rollins vs CM Punk will have the intensity and vitriol as CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston or CM Punk vs MJF. But yeah, the other highlight was Drew McIntyre, who was definitely in the right as he deserves a title shot over Jey Uso.

First time watching Raw live in over 2 years and I’m not keen to make this a weekly routine.

This show is so different compared to any other weekly wrestling show and I hope that they stay the course with that ideology as it’s wildly successful and healthy for talent wanting to make money in this business…

This is Punk’s Vegas residency and all power to him.

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Mannie from Pacoima

An ok edition of raw. Randy has that aura and I had chills seeing him kick off Raw. The Creeds vs Judgment Day should be a great match. Wai was right about Cody being the target of Nakamura. After all those wyatt riddles nothing can throw the man Wai Ting off anymore.

I don’t know if it was just me, but Punk felt more genuine in Aew. I didn’t really believe some of what he was saying. It also felt like a condensed version of his last dance promo.

Mascara dorada will be challenging for rocky Romero’s mlw middleweight and historic welterweight titles!

Jordan from the Bronx

I do not watch Raw at all, as I find the 3 hours each week for mid level matches between guys that rarely if every appear on a PPV. Tonight, I’ll admit that the CM Punk intrigue got me, and I watched 3 long ass hours mostly featuring people who I have not seen wrestle on a PPV since maybe the Royal Rumble. Going through all of that to get to a CM Punk promo which was a truncated and sanitized version of his AEW debut promo left me feeling goofy. Perhaps he may not legally be able to reference any of his AEW run, but the promo didn’t have anything to it. On the Pipebomb scale, this registered as Pop Rocks. This is Punk’s last chance in any wrestling company, here’s hoping that all parties involved get what they want out of this without damage.

Raw is likely going to draw a monster rating with this show, especially with a bad Monday Night Football game. What lapsed WWE viewers like myself got was Indus Sher, multiple R-Truth comedy segments and some dude named Jelly Roll. None of what I saw left me wanting to give up another 3 hours next week.

Jesse from Cincinnati! I really enjoy the CM Punk WWE return promo! but I wonder what Tony Khan & AEW is thinking right now…

Hi guys! First time posting in a feedback thread.

I thought the CM Punk promo was incredibly lame and soulless. The thing that stuck out to me most of all were his eyes. Those are the eyes of a man whose heart is not in this. Really come off like he’s just there to collect paychecks and nothing more.

The episode was carried by three things: McIntyre/Rollins, Orton and Punk’s returns and through that lens, it was solid. It was nice to see Judgment Day take somewhat of a backseat after dominating this show for months (save for Dominik being Orton’s first match in a a year and a half). It was only the first night so calling it a failure from the jump would be ridiculous. I bet the subliminal shots that Seth and Punk are firing at one another will become more overt down the line. Nothing wrong with setting the table all over again.

(I did like the AJ Lee name drop. Punk being back means all bets are off for his other half returning)

Jay from Colorado

That entire CM Punk promo was the fakest thing ever until he said the last line “I’m not here to make friends I’m here to make money.” and then it became the most truthful thing ever to come out of punks mouth.

I’m sorry for all the CM Punk fan out there but the AEW sign the best in the world a couple weeks ago and is name Will Ospreay. By the end of 2024 how many time we will see Will Ospreay in a 5 stars matchs compare to CM Punk. How many time we will see Will Ospreay name in a best of categories award compare to CM Punk. I think we all know the answer. AEW will have a way better future with Will Ospreay than the WWE will have with CM Punk.