FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/4/19

What did you think of tonight’s Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

I really enjoyed everything that involved Rey & Brock. Rey is doing some of the best character work of his career. Props to Dio for falling on the sword for his king. For the first time in a long time, Seth sounded somewhat genuine & Hunter was tremendous. Really enjoyed the Lynch/Baszler sitdown. Shayna came off incredibly intense. Negatives, trying to just turn my brain off for this cuck angle, But tonight was just too stupid. Didn’t like Nattie tapping Asuka, but if we’ve learned anything become a women’s tag champion, start losing immediately. good start, but the show took a quick nosedive. 5.

Jay from Colorado

For everything SmackDown did right on Friday, Raw did wrong tonight. While some of the NXT interactions were fresh, everything else was just back to business as usual. Nothing was noteworthy tonight. I’m far less excited for Survivor Series now than I was before Raw airing tonight.

Also that crowd was awful. Good God. They didn’t even do the “boom” thing for Adam Cole. But honestly I don’t blame them. Just a real letdown of a show after what we saw on Friday. Feels like the lessons that should have been learned from the stellar show on Friday were completely lost on Raw.

Hey but I heard Southpaw Regional Wrestling is coming back so I got that going for me which is nice.

Brandon from Oshawa

I’m really enjoying the Rey/Brock feud and I think it is one of the better rivalries on WWE tv in a while. The Shayna/Becky stuff was solid. Survivor Series is looking like it could be a show of the year candidate. On paper at least.

This show wasnt nearly as good as Smackdown though. They could have put Cole over super strong with another win, instead they went with a cop out ending. Where the hell is Kevin Owens? He showed up to help the Street Profits a couple weeks ago and hasnt been seen since. He was really getting over strong on Smackdown. I hope they can heat him back up for an eventual WM match with Brock Lesnar.

Noah from Vaughan

Another seth rollins match ending in a DQ, what a shock. I’m still baffled as to why they had natalya tap out ASUKA. And by the way, did I miss the part where they announced the stakes for survivor series? Or are we doing the brand supremacy gimmick again. Of which we’ve gotten no follow up 3 years straight.

Diana from Pittsburgh

Thought it was a better Raw than the last few months, ignoring the Lana/Rusev angle. Rey is carrying the feud with Brock with his excellent promos every week.

Additionally, the interview with Becky and Shayna felt a little cliche, but both women felt important, gave great promos, and I liked that they brought up Shayna’s history with Ronda as part of her motivation in the match. But Bayley feels like a total afterthought here, as usual, which is a shame.

NXT has felt really special these last two episodes and I’m hoping they get a couple wins at the PPV, even if they seem to be doing all triple threats like you guys feared they might.

Last thing - when Triple H offered to bring Rollins to NXT, I found myself praying it wouldn’t happen. I can’t imagine this dorky, embarrassing version of Rollins anywhere near NXT, which feels like the cooler, more serious show. Speaks volumes about what they’ve done to him as a babyface over the past few months.

Mild interest in Survivor Series right now, but we’ll see what they can do with the next few weeks.


When MJF finally turns on Cody. I hope the first number he calls for back up is to the East Hampton Polo Boys.

Polo Swag 4 LIFE!

Nas from NYC

So many ups and downs from this episode. The Rey/Brock angle was great. Enjoyed Murphy vs Alexandre. Shayna & Becky were great. Seth on the mic wasn’t a disaster.

Was it just me or the women’s tag was just awful and full of botches? Asuka tapping out 10 seconds into a terrible looking sharp shooter. Undoing everything from that excellent tag match on NXT last week. The main event finish and ending brawl was just terrible. 4/10

Samuel from Quebec

Hi guys! Just recently joined the Patreon and this is my first time leaving feedback.

Tonight’s Raw was a mixed bag for me. Loved Rey’s attack on Lesnar and his promo afterwards. I’m willing to say this the best thing WWE has done with Rey since 2006. My favorite segment of the night was Becky’s interview and face to face with Shayna. Both women showed a lot of confidence and I thought Becky’s acting was perfect. Other than that, NXT’s involvement on the show was far weaker than Friday’s. I’m glad Raw is still focusing on pushing new guys like Murphy, Carillo, the Profits and War Raiders.

For the bad, I was disappointed they made Asuka tap to Natalya. I hate WWE’s habit of defeating their champions. I’m 100% done with the Rusev/Lana angle and Randy Orton being involved in this is so random it’s funny. Seth promo was bland as always, there’s nothing Triple H can do to make Seth hot again. Sad there was no Aleister Black in the dark promo. 6/10.


Varouj(Varouj, Varouj is on fire) from Phoenix

Rey has been amazing lately. I hope they don’t just cast him aside after this program with Brock. But I don’t have a lot of faith in WWE so he’ll probably be losing weekly to Baron Corbin in a month or two.

I can’t wait for Shayna v Becky. I can’t even call this one. But I don’t think I even care who wins. I’m just excited for the buildup and the match.

I look forward to dynamite every week. But this week I’m actually more interested in NXT. Feels like an invasion is a damn near guarantee on that show as well. Can’t wait to see Shorty G obliterate Velveteen Dream.

Also, I’ve been listening to y’all for about a year now and just recently signed up for your Patreon. Glad I did. Y’all are dope. Love you bbys

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Stan from Vancouver.

The Shayna/Becky sit down was the best part of the show. But the difference between both SD and RAW was huge. Not sure who was writing the show but they killed almost all of the momentum they had started on SD 3 days earlier. I’m not sure if it’s because of the crowd, or the booking, but over the span of 3 hours not one person felt like they were over other than Brock Lesnar. The pop Adam Cole got in Buffalo compared to Long Island was like night and day. Finally, the big brawl to close the show felt like it was slow and painted by the numbers, there was no passion or emotion expressed by the participants to make this feel like it’s supposed to be something big.

Alexander from Portland

Didn’t see the show tonight, just had a question. Considering how prominently both men were featured in NXT, are you surprised Keith Lee is getting featured in the NXT invasion over Dominic Dijakovic? I’d have figured NXT and WWE would have wanted Dijakovic to be the bigger, featured star out of the two.

Matt from Toronto here.

Long time LAW listener, recent Patreon and Post Wrestling Cafe member. First time poster - big thanks to John and Wei for all of their hard work.

Found the show to be a mixed bag tonight. I enjoyed the Lesnar stuff to start the show (Heyman stumbled a bit I thought) - the way they’re using Rey here is refreshing compared to how wasteful they’ve been since his return. Disappointed with the DQ finish of the main event. But then again, Cole wasn’t going to lose so… question: how do you feel the Seth/HHH promo went? More of the same or did you feel like their interaction adds a bit of (albeit rehashed) interest to Seth’s character in its current state?

This may be unfair (as maybe the show is to blame), but damn, that crowd was awful. They didn’t pop for anything. That might be a reflection on the overall pacing or product being presented, but it felt everyone in attendance was completely unfamiliar with everyone and everything on the show. Be better, Long Island.

5 poutines out of 10.

(Thanks again gents, keep it up!)

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Again this week, Sin Cara’s new partner is keyed as Carolina and yet Vic Joseph kept calling her Catalina. Sort this shit out.

Brock/Rey stuff was good.
Shayna/Becky stuff was good
Long Island crowd lived up to its rep. Pretty quiet most of the night.
Is there a program on the main roster with Seth that would spark your interest? I was searching my brain during his promo. Trying to think what I would want next for Seth and I didn’t have an answer.

Carl from cloverdale