FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 11/5/18

We are posting the thread earlier in the day for any listeners that attended the show live in Manchester.

Please leave us your feedback, questions & live notes (if you attended).

Wai Ting and I will be back with Rewind-A-Raw tonight to review Raw, and will also be chatting about the Floyd Mayweather story with Rizin, the Wrestle Kingdom announcements, Daniel Cormier’s win over Derrick Lewis and a possible fight with Brock Lesnar AND we will have a number of big announcements regarding POST Wrestling!


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Hi guys,

I attended the show live and I’ll be at Smackdown tomorrow too.

Personal highlights were the Braun segments, especially the guy clinging onto Braun’s ankle and being dragged around. It was just what Braun needed after that debacle at Crown Jewel.

The crowd were ridiculously into Finn, Elias and Kurt, and from a live perspective it was just disappointing to see how Kurt was treated in the main event. As Jim Cornette says, you need to make the fans mad, not sad, if you want them to come back - and this was one of the sadder things I’ve seen.

Ronda was booed vociferously when a video discussing her match with Becky Lynch was shown prior to Raw, and Becky was cheered. However, when it became obvious Ronda had made the trip, the crowd turned quicker than the Big Show, and started cheering for her.

I was also a little sad to see Lio Rush isn’t still doing his ‘talking through the match’ gimmick, because his Lashley chant is annoying as all hell and I wanted to troll my girlfriend by joining in with it.

P.S. Nearly all the seats behind the hard camera were covered off, arena was probably 60-70% full, which was eye-opening for me for a UK TV taping.


Alexander from Portland

I gotta give WWE kudos, they recapped Crown Jewel but didn’t actually say Crown Jewel at all during the broadcast. Crazy how last time WWE was in England Jinder Mahal was WWE Champion and now he loses to Apollo Crews in five minutes. What else is crazy is that WWE doesn’t give Angle’s first match on RAW in 12 years any more than three hours buildup. Angle, like Mysterio, just feels like another guy on the roster to me now.

Question: Which match do you think will main event Survivor Series? With Lesnar only appearing once to build up a match against AJ and no Under Siege for the 5-on-5, how can Becky and Ronda not main event? Secondly, do you think Becky and Ronda will end clean?


Andrew from Cape Breton

Raw seemed to have some recent POST Wrestling favourites. The geeks on the stage, beating Ember Moon into powder and the exploitative angles. I guess if you are taking money from a government that likely was involved in the murder of a dissident journalist, you can’t really get lower then that. So, what do you guys predict Ruby Riott does next week? Maybe she breaks one of Owen’s Slammies. Maybe she tears up one of Bulldog’s old Union Jack capes. But yeah, other then that, Raw was ok. The main event was one of the best main events in awhile, and I’m wondering if they might go with McIntyre vs Angle at Wrestlemania, with how that match turned out. Anyway, 5 of your dad’s broken sunglasses out of 10.

Brandon frm Nj aka the jersey triad

My dearest new marketers

What’s good my friends glad I’m back. I usually avoid these European Raw’s because I read the spoilers but I was curious today due to the events of crown royal so I checked it out. Alas I was disappointed it was a wet fart of a show British people deserve better but Vince hates accents. I dug the Authors, McIntyer and Cheese mega heel push and the Tamina Nash/Nia Jax forming of Samoan Swat 2.0 but otherwise the show was blah

Meanderings of a madman

-notice only one Singh brother was with Jinder tonight? Relax he was allowed one carryon per flight

-Good on AOP Akam and Luke Thomas for winning the belts. Glad their push is starting to bare fruit

-what’s up with the dolf loss tonight? Jet lag from the flight from Crown Royal

-Rousey actin like the rapper tryna and callin herself da baddest bitch dat cray cray son nah mean

-who is flipping the bill for Floyd at RizinFC besides the mob?

I’m out of here peace

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Best part of the night was the enhanced talent getting absolutely decimated by Braun. Outside of that, was a rather lack lustre UK Raw, they usually are better than your average show.

I’m not sure how they’re going to play it up on Tuesday, but it’s going to be quite a stretch to convince me to not side with Renee on this Raw/Smackdown debate. Shane comes off like a jerk in all this.

John, can you confirm or deny if all of this is leading to a HBK/Ziggler/Jericho/Shane match to once and for all own the title Best in the World?

Evening gentleman,

Not loving how far theyre going babyface with elias…he didnt even retain enough edge to razz the home town crowd.

Then this…this full song, lame song, no interruption crap, this cant last and will not do well. He was my favourite part of raw, some of his best work was when he didnt even get to play a note.

Otherwise, i was pretty locked into FF mode for this mondays edition.

Jalen from Pickering,

Only caught a few things, but that Nia match and post-match segment seemed oddly quiet for a UK crowd. And I loved the booking of the main event. I’m all in on Drew, and they seem to be too. A match with Brock seems inevitable with how similar the main event and Brock’s match with Hogan was.

There is zero chance that is in Drews future.

MJ from the Jersey triad

Did you know a bet on Elias being the most over NXT call up would have paid 35-1. Walk, walk with Elias!!

Sometimes Renee doesn’t talk for 10 minutes then chimes in and it’s jarring.

Hindsight is 20/20 but Braun was organically over as a massive face 2 months ago and already feels like the forced new guy. Another reason to go with the crowd when the character direction is organic. Let’s see how they do with Rousey. She cut a good heel promo tonight.

If I had to place a prop bet on whether Brock shows up with the WWE title tomorrow I’d place a large sum of money on YES. If UFC is down to plug WWE after their heavyweight fight, what would be better business for Vince than to have Cormier on Raw or the title on a UFC ppv. There is no downside to this that I will accept as bad for business. Your champion featured in the main event on UFC and their champion in your ring. It’s a license to print money and I don’t know who says no? The press alone would be enough to make Vince har…gotta keep POST PG


Was Vince not at RAW because Lio Rush seemed so lost in that segment with L-Ashley. The Narcissus gimmick doesn’t work for L-Ashley, then again they don’t know what or how Bobby L-Ashley is. His physical strength and endurance has worked in previous segments not his body, muscles or his booty.

Can’t wait for SmackDown to hear what “THE MAN” has to say.

Keep up the great work!

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