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Anthony from Melbourne

Slightly unrelated question but local advertising for Elimination Chamber does not contain Romen Reigns. How much would you read into this as Romen not being on Elimination Chamber along with the rumours his only PLE before Mania will be Royal Rumble?

If his not part of the show then I can see a big number 1 contenders match in the chamber to set up Cody but then that made me realise who do you have win the Rumble? And does that mean you would have them go for Seth’s title instead?

Jesse from Cincinnati! Raw was very newsworthy tonight now that the WWE Universe really want CM Punk but that KAIRI Sane is back in WWE does that mean the WWE Universe are going to chant “We Want Giulia” or “We want Sarray” or even “We are STARDOM” towards KAIRI & IYO going to be a very interesting SmackDown on Friday!. And do you think NJPW is “bringing back the IWGP IC Title”?!?. Ahoy!

Mannie from Pacoima
Who had “Miz delivers a tilt-a-whirl ddt” on their bingo card?!

Really enjoyable edition of raw. Looking forward to seeing rhea vs Zoey in a few weeks. DIY vs Creeds was good for the time amount of time they were given. There definitely was a bit if a feeling out process and the match felt a bit short in my opinion.

Sami vs rollins was fantastic and that ending segment to set up War Games was done very well!
I’ve got my ticket for the Revolver debut in L.A.
Im looking forward to Mascara Dorada’s new japan debut and Wow!!! That tribal council from last weeks survivor episode!! “Im not batman, I’m the Canadian”

A strong Raw that flew by. The whole show (except one match) had no-nonsense finishes. I hope that continues. Rollins/Zayn was match of the night and the four-way is a distant second. Miz was motivated and I’m a little more interested in him v Gunther than I was a week ago. The battle royal did the job pushing newer feuds and it protected Becky from losing unnecessarily.
The episode ended hot with the WarGames match i’ve expected it would be. I hope it stays 4 v 4.