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Mannie from Pacoima

First cora returns at deadline and now the man Wai Ting, fresh from the Dominican Republic has returned home.
The atmosphere between the Rollins and Punk face off was electric! I hope they main event night 2 of mania otherwise the Professor won’t count it as the main event of mania.

Mansoor makes his GCW debut during royal rumble weekend and Andrade’s next GCW match is against Jonathan Gresham. I’ve been loving seeing Van Niys own Brody King being booked as a dominant force in the C²! Hes has as Michael cole would say “That D-Y-I mentality”

Clearly, WWE didn’t want to wait to put Punk and Rollins in the same ring. Ironically in the same city where Punk made his well-documented exit. That segment moved mountains and it made a damn good case to headline night 1 of WM.

As much as I groan about Nia Jax lately. Becky Lynch gave me an excuse with wanting to get a receipt for Nia taking credit for “making” her five years ago (she didn’t)

The New Year’s Raw looks like a mini PPV by putting Rollins/McIntyre as the headliner, I hope they bolster that show in the weeks ahead. It’s nice to see themed episodes become a thing again

It was a nicely bookended show.

Brian in New Jersey.

I thought it was a solid show overall, aside from Rhea Ripley vs. Maxxine Dupri, which was more liquid if anything. I really liked the Punk-Rollins confrontation, Drew vs. Jey, and the continued tensions between Gunther and Miz.

Here’s some wild booking I thought of at the end of the show: since the Creeds came out to save Cody from Nakamura and the Creeds are challenging the Judgment Day for the tag titles next week, we could see Nakamura cost them the match for getting involved in his business. This leads to Nakamura joining the Judgment Day and gradually remaking it in his image for the new year. Where they go from there with the individual members? I haven’t thought that far ahead.