FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/20/21

What did you think of Raw?

Alexander from Portland

Good show tonight, I don’t remember the last time so much was announced for RAW that actually happened. I can’t believe Vince McMahon is on TV saying he likes to fire people after the summer of firings WWE had. Not only is it in absolutely terrible taste, but are we supposed to feel sympathy for Austin Theory? Theory is attacking people backstage and after matches, obviously heel tactics, but being threatened with getting fired seems like it should babyface him. AJ in NXT should be interesting, here’s hoping he doesn’t get delayed like Veer.

Jay from Colorado

I just want to comment on the Vince segment where he loudly bolstered, “I enjoy firing people. I especially enjoy firing people before the holidays.”

I understand that Vince is playing a character, but it feels incredibly tone deaf especially when the real Vince McMahon actually fired 200 people over the last few years and some of them in the last few months. And this during his most profitable years. It’s hard enough to watch this show, but having Vince on screen to remind us of what an awful human being he is in real life just makes me want to take a shower after watching it. I just don’t understand what he’s thinking.

I dont think its being tone deaf, I think he does it on purpose knowing exactly the reaction its going to get. I think he likes it. It reminds me of 1997 after the screw job when he used that entire situation as the foundation of the “Mr. McMahon” character.

Tone deaf would be someone suggesting the line, and then him thinking there is nothing wrong with saying it. IMO, thats not this.

Not in any way defending him, just speaking to what I believe are his motives.

That Becky/Liv taped segment was some of the worst television of the year