FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 12/30/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

The first hour of this show was very good, but I felt it dropped off from there. Really enjoyed Owens/Joe & Murphy/Black was outstanding. Surprisingly, Charlotte/Nattie went on forever and wasn’t very good. The crowd felt completely dead for that one. The Street Profits multi-verse promo was horrendous. Really hope they don’t miss with these guys. Randy Orton sounded terrific & had me believing he was truly injured. I also really enjoy when Drew McIntyre cuts the type of promos that he cut tonight. Definitely has a baby face run in him this year. DVR cut off the wedding, but I’m sure it was well recurved by all.

Noah From Vaughan

That Wedding segment was Awful, crowd was chanting “Jerry” in reference to Jerry Springer, just so embarrassing. New contender for “Worst Segment of the year” And this was the reason that they held Liv off of tv for half the year?? Just Brutal. But aside from this show, I just wanted to thank you for all the shows you guys did this year, really great to listen to on the subway rides to school! Hope you guys enjoy Japan, I was there a couple years ago and can’t wait to go back. Happy New YEAR!!


Incredible match between Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black. It’s a shame one of them has to lose, but hopefully they can get both of these guys into new programs ASAP. Would love to see Aleister go after the US Title against Andrade once the Ray feud is over.

Eric Rowan squashes have been predictable and boring for weeks now. It’s time to find something more substantial for the big man.

Ricochet appears to have lost all the steam he gained over the summer and now he’s taking bumps on concrete while tumbleweeds blow by. Where does he go from here?

Finally, I’ve got a feeling the Viking Raiders drop the belts next week. It seems like the fans never fully bought into the LARPing gimmick and it might be time to give the Street Profits a run with the titles.

I didn’t watch the wedding but I’m looking forward to your recap. Have fun in Japan! 5/10

Brandon from Oshawa

I bet half or more of that crowd had no clue, that was Liv in the wedding. I thought they might have something actually interesting for her. Rusev, Owens and Joe are stars on this show. I really hope they have something significant for Wrestlemania, because they are over huge.

Do you guys have a favorite wedding from years past?

Safe travels guys. Thanks for all the great content in 2019.

Anthony from Melbourne

I thought I would take a rare chance to watch the show almost live as part of my new years eve but maybe I should have started drinking early and parts of the show may have actually made sense.

I knew something was fishy with the Orton segment just 24 hours after the injury, why the rush to have him come out? struggling so hard to get into the ring. Then the inconsistencies in saying he wouldn’t know when he could be back but being at Mania really confused things. I stuck with it because no way the babyface would go to all this effort just to catch the heel off guard to give a single RKO, something he does every week anyway right? wrong! so nonsensical.

Then Liv has a great spot in her vignette where she says she says (paraphrasing) she was emotional and reactive but now she will be calculated, so what does she do? Interrupt a wedding while crying and getting into a fight with her “lover”?

Seems there was an over-run tonight for the first time in a long time, any word on why/how? I assume due to the holiday season they could get away with it?

Very few positives among many negatives make me wonder why I keep watching.

3 Rusev’s peeking too early out of the cake out of 10.

Have a safe and wonderful trip guys!

Nas from NYC

I’m sorry but I’m not even embarrassed to say that I laughed through that entire wedding segment haha. I guess this is dragging on. The Jerry Springer chants in Connecticut were appropriate.

Black vs Murphy was simply awesome. The mid card on Raw is so so strong. It’s such a stacked male roster. I hope they give storylines to everyone instead of being a jobber fest.

Randy Orton genuinely had me. And then that happened. So he truly did bank on AJ coming out. What if AJ didn’t come out. He would have duped the crowd and left.

Any word on the Usos?

Safe travels

Chris from Carlisle, England.
Tonight was the final WWE show broadcast by Sky after 30 years of coverage before it heads to BT Sport this Friday.
That wedding was the final segment.
That is all

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Nick from Lansing

Nobody speaks quite as passionately in WWE as Samoa Joe and its refreshing to see that sort of energy in a babyface on Raw. The idea of him working together with Owens to fight against Seth and the AOP has me salivating, let’s just hope they don’t continue being arrested every other week by contrived booking

Buddy Murphy and Alister Black continue to exceed already outrageously high expectations

I don’t know if a Nattie heel turn was something I wanted, but if it leads to more competitive matches, I’ll hold off on complaining for now. My vain hope is that we’ll hear her motivation soon.

Andrade and Ricochet had a good match that held my attention, which in the 3rd hour isn’t easy to do but the crowd just seemed exhausted by that point

I can’t believe the Lana and Lashley segment got overrun time, just so we could get a series of run in? When that last blonde woman walked out and vaguely talked about love and discovery, I sank and I felt like we were minutes away from cheap HLA, and I didn’t realize that was Liv until I checked Twitter. How is it they have Soyna Deville in their company and will barely acknowledge her sexuality, but they’re willing to exploit the tease of it with other characters? Worst segment of the year. I hope somehow both Rusev and Liv can do some of the heavy lifting for this story down the road

Andrew from Cape Breton

So the closing angle certainly had some goofiness, and obviously had Paul Heyman’s fingerprints all over it. I’ve heard of bookers reusing their old stuff, but that was ridiculous. I’m surprised Lashley didn’t say he would take 'em both because he’s hardcore. One kinda fucked up part about that was seeing our first bit of LGBTQ domestic violence on screen. I feel that Heyman and anyone around him probably didn’t quite get that. It also reminded me of when Lashley was arrested for bumping into that cop a few weeks back. People talk about how representation matters and they definitely didn’t have anyone to say that this doesn’t have a good look to it. I’m glad Liv Morgan also got to come back, though as said above, there’s a good chance a bunch of people didn’t know who she was.

Brian from New York

I know what you’re all thinking: Rusev jumping out of the cake a few seconds early really messed up that perfect wedding segment!

Okay, maybe not.

On a different note, between the hand raising and counting down, it sure seems like they’re lining up Drew McIntyre for a face turn and a match against Lesnar. Would you guys prefer they go to that immediately at Rumble, or have him win the Rumble and let that be the Mania match? While Drew has been on the back burner for a long time, it would be refreshing to see them put someone just outside of the main event picture over Brock for once instead the same small pool of retreads.

Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear all the bonus shows.

Liam in Brighton, UK

This is my first post on the forum, and I’m lost for words having that ending.

No, seriously, I’ve typed and deleted over and over because I couldn’t face it.

I expected Eric Bischoff to rip off the latex mask of the minister, and declare “HLA! HLA! HLA!”

That said, I’d have taken Billy and Chuck’s wedding over this in 2020.

What the hell am I doing with my life? It’s 4:45am in the UK. There must be more to life than these shows.

I’ve just put myself through that horrendous finish and I have to dress up as pirate for a night out until roughly this same time tomorrow.

I have one friend who, like I, watches roughly every other week (fortnightly, as we say). Miraculously we both have girlfriends. No doubt we’ll both be finding the corner of shame in the smoking area to discuss this abomination when we’re thoroughly BrayD’d tomorrow night.

Then we can be interrupted and pretend we were talking about sheds.

Oh to be an adult watching this.

5 Joe sweat drips out of 10.

Bring on the 2020 POST World Tour.

That last segment was way too long. I stopped when Liv arrived and thought “what am I watching ?”.

That wedding segment was everything wrong with WWE creative in a nutshell but we all knew it would be stupid. Just embarrassing.

But it’s amazing how ice cold the Street Profits already are. It’s another reason why it’s so hard for me to get into NXT. These guys have become complete geeks on the main roster and are scripted to sound like the biggest dorks. Why should I or anyone else cheer for them?

Same thing with Ricochet. He loses all the time, sounds like a moron and acts like a child. Both acts got over in NXT and could have been massive stars but have been completely ruined.