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It’s like RAW and Dynamite swapped creative direction… Finding Dynamites “Devil, who cares?” Storyline is really flat. While RAW opened with a great promo and compelling, ongoing logic and continuity from Drew McIntyre.

Like someone did a 13 going in 30 to their booking.

It’s really disheartening to see Nia Jac go over Shayna Bayzler.

Mannie from Pacoima
A solid episode of Raw that flew by really fast.
Rollins and Jey had a good match that was hyped up by a fantastic video package for Jey Uso.
The Creeds continue to show the world just how talented they are and the Julius overhead suplex train is always a sight to see. With the number one contender’s to the womens tag titles being pinned tonight can we expect a triple threat tag?

Octagon jr. is the new AAA latin american champion ending the reign of the 2 time main eventer QT marshall and after a 183 day reign Arez and Kommander lost their AAA tag belts in their first and only defense

Off topic a bit, but could a prelim fight on a Fight Night card be in contention for Fight of the Year?? Holy crap Bellato vs Potieria was insane!!

A strong episode with a great emphasis on in-ring action. The main event was a damn good tv match. I was expecting a run-in and i was glad that it was saved for after the bell with “True” McIntyre asserting his will.

The two out of three falls match was dope and I’m pleased with the smaller doses approach to Judgment Day with Damien Priest throwing his weight around, I bet the tug of war will intensify for the rest of the month.

I’m off to rewatch the GTA 6 trailer again

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