FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/1/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

After a very good Royal Rumble show, my expectations for tonight’s RAW were higher than usual. Somebody needs to train Charlotte to not get distracted by theme music or an adversary standing at the top of the ramp. WWE has really made Charlotte look stupid lately. McIntyre/Sheamus stuff is interesting and Carlito looks good. I’m also happy to see Damien Priest is getting a considerable spotlight. Still, I found the shell to be average If not slightly below. 4.

That being said, since it’s Wrestlemania season, should WWE move RAW to 4 hours for the next few months?

AB Morales from Puerto Rico

Bad Bunny has gone from supermarket bagger to platinum recording artist and to WWE in six years. Good for him and great to see him put over fellow Puertorican in Damian Priest. I know he does not fit in at all as a celebrity, but at least he’s a massive fan and looked better tonight than at the Rumble. I’ve been watching Carlito wrestle recently in WWC where he actually had a shirt on to hide how jacked he was this past month. What a worker. Still hasn’t really changed workrate-wise though.

First of all, John, I would love it if you did a “rewind-a-dale” podcast. I love Riverdale, and I think you’d be the best person to break down its chaos.

As for Raw, they had some good points to the show. I liked how they started the Drew-Sheamus feud, and the use of Priest with Bad Bunny. Also, I love this current version of Orton. The fiend/Alexa stuff might be hit or miss, but I love how Orton goes all out for it.

While I didn’t mind the start of the Drew-Sheamus feud, do you think the WWE needs a different way to establish title contenders between the rumble and mania? Kayfabe wise, it makes more sense for someone to attack the champ the night after the rumble, as opposed to winning the rumble itself. What could they do to avoid this type of clumsy booking?

Noah from Vaughan

Out of the first 70 minutes of this program, there was a total of like 6 minutes of actual wrestling and both matches ended in screwy finishes. Brutal. I feel like Lana and Naomi should be required to watch Edges promo on repeat because my god, the contrast between those two promos are staggering in terms of emotion and believability. Damian priest looked good tonight in his debut. Where do you guys see him by years end? Closer to Aliester Blacks level, or Drew McIntyres?

For a RAW coming off an extremely well booked Rumble, tonight’s story beats felt a little awkward. Sheamus feels like the perfect Elimination Chamber opponent for Drew (didn’t realize that PPV was in 3 weeks!) but the turn felt jarring, especially since they’ve spotlighted this relationship for weeks without sowing the seeds of conflict. Drew’s promo following the betrayal did feel authentic, kinda what I might say if my best friend had kicked me in the teeth.

Edge & Randy’s match also felt rushed, but I’m glad this opens the door for the Rated R Superstar to hopefully close the book on his RAW rivalries & head over to Smackdown: The Tribal Chief awaits. Love the massive push for Damian Priest, & while I don’t think Bad Bunny will put his recording career on hold to become his manager full time, the celebrity assist felt significant. Just wish other NXT call ups (Aleister Black, Keith Lee) got to showcase their authenticity as much as Damian did in his debut.