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A solid episode. If WM39 was Infinity War, it’s safe to say that WM40 is gonna be the Endgame of this Roman/Cody duology. Seth Rollins got fixed in one segment as he was positioned as the Iron Man to Cody’s Captain America and what better way to combat this tribal Thanos than with a shield?

Cinema ain’t cinema if it ends the same way. WWE’s answer to the Avengers are slowly being assembled.

Anyway, Drew continues to be a habitual line stepper, The New Jey and Imperium was a fun six-man and Liv v Zoey was pretty good.

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Mannie from Pacoima

Lots of solid matches in what felt like a really long edition of Raw. The opening six man was a great way to open the show and that pimp slap from Jey to GUNTHER stood out! The booking of Sami realy makes me wonder if a world title run is in the future for him this year. So far he’s lost two matches which makes me think they’re building him back as the underdog from the underground who will stop at nothing to win the title.

The J-cup had lots of solid matches and Masha slamovich made history as the first ever woman to win the j-cup, the first woman to win the jcw title, and the first wrestler to hold both the gcw and jcw titles. Hechicero has made the challenge to Zack Sabre Jr. These two last faved off i believe in 2018 for pwg.

Post wrestling! No bread, no water, just chopped tees!!

Macafee talking about pulling muscles during BMs was the highlight of this show.

My 90-minute cut of RAW continues to be the show I enjoy the most every week. I really like the main event story: fictionalising the HHH-Rock power struggle that’s been playing out in the sheets is a nice touch. The Rock, who wanted this match as a celebration of his family, aligning with his blood is awesome. In theory, it gives Cody substantial odds to overcome. Rollins banding together with Cody to fight off the part-timers is true to his character as well. They’ve managed to tie together a lot of moving parts. My only qualm is that Cody needs to tie up the narrative loose end that is his change of heart.

It seems Team WWE Japan is making a statement with Shinsuke Nakamura winning on RAW in UK Wildcat turf but not adding Okada in WWE would be a “understatement” for WWE and now having Okada in AEW could be a “risk” for AEW along with Ospreay and Mone AKA Sasha Banks now I bet would not bet AEW Big Business would become the “sign” of AEW x NJPW x CMLL x STARDOM “loophole forbidden door” 2024! so “good luck” TK!

Magan with more cohesive pop culture comparisons than what he provided for Smackdown.

I’m going to have a great time listening to this show this morning! :rofl:

The show itself is as good as always. As for the Feedback section, they’re continuing to treat Jesse Hyde’s feedback properly, by ignoring it.

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