FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/18/19

Leave your feedback and questions for Rewind-A-Raw.

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Matt from Georgia.

This Raw had all the potential to be great. The crowd absolutely ruined it. The matches with the NXT talent were all very entertaining and did well to showcase their skills. It’s just too bad the fans at the arena had no clue who they were. Should have saved this for a better crowd like Houston was last night.

Mark from Vaughan

This episode would’ve been better received with even an average crowd. Lafayette made Corpus Christi sound like Rosemont. From a reception standpoint, this was an awful way to debut the NXT talent. By coming in an unrelated group like this, they already feel like just “guys”. The main roster management seems to think simply bringing them up will be a cure all when it’s the characters and stories we care about. Clueless.

Question: If all 4 of the call-ups become full-time after the Mania Takeover, do you think we see Undisputed Era continue for another 6 months at least? They’ve been cutting promos that hint at long-term plans.

Sean from Toronto

Having the show built around four unannounced NXT call-ups reaks of ratings desperation, especially since it seemed like a one night deal (at least for Gargano and Chompa).

Why didn’t they do the competitive Ruby/Ronda match last night? It doesn’t make sense going straight to a rematch, following a squash.

On a final note, it seem obvious that they are booking Dean Ambrose to look like a complete idiot before he leaves, which is just sad.

TIm from Alabama.

Having Gargano, Ciampa, Ricocette, and Black all on Raw tonight was great thing but unfortunately this crowd didn’t really react the way I expected them to. This crowd felt like they were sitting on their hands this whole night. Gargano/Ciampa vs Revival was match of the night. John do you expect that we could possibly see any of these four possibly have a match at Wrestlemania? Do we know what Cena’s status for Mania is yet? I personally would love to see a Cena vs Ciampa match at Mania.

9 Black Masses out of 10

Charly from Maryland

Man what can I say that others haven’t said already I didn’t watch raw but I was surprised that they had 4 of the top NXT talent up to Raw and in really interesting matches but wow that crowd was awful such a waste of a call up I saw a comment on YouTube when I was watching the revival vs gargano and champa that said “even rock vs mankind at halftime heat 1999 had a bigger crowd reaction” and I couldn’t agree more

Jalen from Pickering,

Why pay to go see wrestling to be quiet? Crowd brought down an already bad show. Once Triple H mentioned NXT, I knew the show would be trash. Only WWE would do nothing of quality with a group of NXT call-ups, and then proceed to call up half of NXT’s main event scene. I’m most worried for the Ciampa/Gargano story.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight had to be one of the weirder Raws I’ve seen in quite sometime. I like the new crop of NXT talent on Raw, but it felt so rushed. Ciampa in that backstage promo sounded awful. Ciampa said he wanted to make an impression. Why does he care? He’s this evil genius who already has goldy. That should be impression enough. Then you had the commentators try to explain Aleister Black, and it sounded exactly how Vince would see Black. Apparently he’s also fighting for the 9-5 blue collar workers. I keep thinking back to watching Superstars from 1992 on the Network and hearing for weeks about how Crush developed his crushing fetish as a boy. Sure, it was weird, but at least I knew something about him. These guys were less Crush and Razor Ramon, and more Max Moon and Lance Cassidy. They were just thrown out there with very brief explanations in front of the worst crowd possible. 5 of Hunter’s NXT children out of 20.


What would be wrong with debuting new characters into stories or as a surprise:
Richochette saves Balor
DIY answers a Revival Open Challenge
Black cuts off Elias and doesn’t cut a promo just hits the Fade to Black.

That version of this Raw without Uncle Paul introducing everyone like Minor League Call-UPS with Tinder Bios would have rated way higher by the audience who cares about these guys. And for the audience who is only just seeing these guys, they have a history with bad call-ups so I’m not sure tonight changed their mind about how call-ups get treated.

Surprised would keep viewers tuned in. Surprised would make Raw exciting. Exciting Raw week after week brings in more viewers. Numbers don’t lie. People don’t care about these pre announced newcomers. Let’s see what tonight’s 3 hour trend did.

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Ari from montreal
Why ruin 4 perfect nxt superstars debuts to a crowd that was really bad and dead…it was upseting to see. Especially after seeying how their dealing with the next call ups…i dont have high hopes. And the way they presented them was really wierd with tht promo package.
Why waste the 1st interaction between diy and revival on a nothing raw? It should be treated like a bigger deal.
And man did the ronda and riot match drag…the crowd didnt even bite to any near falls.
Only good thing is they did not waste velveteen dream and undisputed era debut.
Question: do u see this style of promo packs being the new norm for debuts or call up of next talent? Its the second batch they are introducing this way that is why i ask

Johnny from Saskatoon

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought Aleister Black and Ricochet call up with out of nowhere, and what a strange place to do it. It was a quiet crowd and all I could think of how fantastic these guys are but folks in the crowd tonight was kinda ‘eh’ for it.

That said it was a good show with good matches but I felt like the more I watched it, the more I felt like I was getting lost in somebody’s head, like when you do something but it comes across a lot better in your head than it does in reality.

Like Lacey Evans for example, two nights in a row she comes outs and struts. Tonight she has a strut off with Heavy Machinery. I’m sure it made sense in somebody’s head.

I did like how Ruby Riott had another match with Ronda, kind of like a second shot at showing what Ruby could do albeit

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

So with 6 NXT call-ups foundering at best you know what would help them, 4 more call-ups of people so much more over it’s not funny.

Next there’s Ronnie, I know many had a problem with her Elimination Chamber match. Honestly that’s how I wanted them to book all of her TV matches all along, facing a lower/mid carder and over in five minuets, then having a longer match on Pay-Per-View.

Lastly, it’s better sweet to see another person being inducted who’s passed away, Chyna was someone who I watched growing up, remember her with the IC title.

I thought that the Hart Foundation was originally announced as this year’s first inductees, what changed?

Jay from Colorado

Wow…that crowd was among the worst I’ve ever seen. However I’m not sure the blame should be placed in them. I could see those NXT callups getting better reactions from places like Orlando, Chicago, and Dallas, but Lafayette? What were they thinking?

And I don’t understand the logic of debuting two champions, or Ciampa suddenly being a face, or DIYs reuniting being wasted in this show.

How do they keep missing the mark on the way to call up talents? Had those been unannounced and with a hot crowd this would have easily been a 5 out of 7 show. Thank God they didn’t touch the Undisputed Era…yet.

_Paul from New Jersey

I really don’t like how Hunter just introduces call ups by reading them off the big screen. It definitely takes something away from the debut. Even though I don’t care for this method, was it just me or did this crowd not care tonight? I’ve been waiting for guys like Ricochet and Johnny Wrestling,it sounded like they got nothing from the crowd. Can’t wait to see you gentlemen on Broadway.

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This show should have been great. If you had told me that Ricochet, Black, Gargano, and Chiampa would debut on the same night I would have thought there was no way the show could be bad. Boy, was I mistaken.

These 4 guys, all of them having the potential to be huge stars get no real introduction? No vignettes? Nothing to explain who they are in advance? No wonder the crowd was quiet! WWE should have done a much better job with these 4.

As far as Ricochet goes, do you see him in an Intercontinental title match with Balor at Mania? Or perhaps those 2 will be in an IC ladder match?

Sounds like some disappointed reactions to tonights call ups. As a casual fan, I see a lot of new talent lately, its true that none of them really stick out but lets see how they develop some character on the way to mania. Wai, what ‘call up’ would you have saved for the night after Mania?

As for the crowd, just full of kids and family on a holiday. John, how many points did you deduct from your rating due to the lacklustre crowd noise?

Brandon Frm Nj

My Dearest Les Habs

Greetings my guys how goes the weather? Been a long time since we last spoke how are yah? Well I’ll get to the point on who I am and why I’m here. Raw was a pretty entertaining show had a lot of ideas and meant well but alas fell on deaf ears due to the shit crowd. Who’s idea was it to debut new talent to a dead crowd in a small city. Anywhoo


-was this the start of something, Will more nxt talent be debuting on smackdown tomorrow or

-are these talents here to stay and are finishing up their nxt obligations before joining the loop

-Wai where and when will Bryce Harper sign

-John thoughts and prayers to Cain Velesq knee

-Wai and John who was your fav IFL team prob the Toronto Dragons

I’m out of here peace

Tyler from Orlando,

This was such a weird episode of RAW. I wanted to be excited about the NXT guys but it just felt dead to me, maybe because of the crowd. Every match just felt like I can do other stuff and just catch the finish. Lacey Evans just walking out and doing nothing is so pointless, Dean character is dumb, even Paul Heyman is starting to bore me. 7/20

First WWE main roster show I’ve watched in 6 months. I Got a text at 8:30 from a friend asking if I saw they were debuting so I figured I might as well give it a shot and see how the new guys are thrown into the big time. I voted a 6 for trying and I saw it was a high vote and didn’t want to mess it up, but my god, this crowd sucked. The promos (Bailey) and backstage interviews with Dasha are cringe. It’s funny, the WWE crowds are conditioned to cheer for music and catch phrases but didn’t seem to give a shit about any of the new wrestlers. Do they even know who they are? Once they went to commercial break after Aleister Black caused Elias to back pedal out, I couldn’t take it anymore. The pure silence from the crowd is just embarrassing. Does anybody play to the crowd?! I don’t know if I saw one heel even try to get some boo’s from the crowd. That’s terrible. I look forward to comparing this to this weekends Honor Rising shows in Japan, where I’m sure less than 20% of the fans in attendance will know who the Kingdom are yet they’ll be into the show as a whole. This product is so stale with its presentation, it doesn’t matter who is on the screen. This product isn’t for me, I realize it but I had to give it a shot.

I have read all your comments and yes the crowd could have been better. My biggest issue is actually how the main roster doesn’t give a hoot about what is going on in NXT. The best story line ever (gargano and ciampa) gone in 2 seconds. The best heel in the company morphed into a babyface. DIY working together with no issues. That’s really bad.

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