FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/26/18

Leave your comments and feedback to Monday’s episode of Raw and tune into Rewind-A-Raw late tonight.


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Shaun from Manchester England

Very good episode this week, not sure if the the Brock no show was real or part of the story but I thought it was a great promos.

Speaking of promos I think Ronda came off much better tonight.

Tyler from Orlando

I think the writers may have found Roman’s promo to get him cheered on the road to Wrestlemania, talking shit about Brock not being full time is real and the crowd really took to that judging by their reaction.

Ronda seemed much better tonight than on Sunday, maybe she doesn’t need a mouth piece after all!

Quick idea I had for Mania - 6 man IC title ladder match involving the Miz, Seth, Finn, Elias, Braun and Joe. Just a way to get 6 great guys on the show which will already be a tough card to cram everybody on.

I gave the show 6 Kurt Angle deep breathes out of 10.

Sean from Toronto

Better than average episode of Raw tonight. I thought that the tease of John Cena vs. Undertaker, only to say the match is not happening, was somewhat mean. Of course, this could just be WWE trying to stretch this angle for another month. I was also quite surprised by the shoot promo by Roman Reigns (whether or not it was a work).

Things I didn’t like on the show was Alexa Bliss’ racism towards Asuka (very poor taste) and the final segment, which sort of made Ronda Rousey look like a fool for not seeing through Triple H and Stephanie’s charade. At least she came off better than “Kurt Angle the Doofus Stooge.”

Brandon from Oshawa

I thought tonight was one of the best promos of Romans career. They made good use of the Lesnar & Dana photo and it seemed to get a lot of people behind Roman.

Do you think they will continue to push Brock possibly leaving, to get him a similar reaction to wrestlemania 20? Also, what do you see for Braun Strowman at this point at wrestlemania? I can’t see them doing something 1 on 1 with Elias, but everyone else seems tied up.

Andrew from Saint John

Ronda’s presentation was 100% improved from last night and I am more interested in the animosity now that Stephanie is playing a more clear-cut heel. I want to be convinced when it comes to Bray and his feud with Woken Matt, but they need to do something different, this was a good first step. Sasha/Bayley stuff was good. Did I miss Asuka declaring who she was challenging? They have handled this confusingly.

Jay from Denver, Colorado.

Tonight was much better than last week. I felt like we got some movement on most of the storylines, but they are going to have to work hard to keep this interesting for another 6 weeks. The road to wrestlemania is long.

I’m excited for another round of Sasha vs Bayley, but I hope we get something new. Maybe tonight was a hint of a Bayley heel turn? That would freshen fhe feud up for me.

Well it appears that Bray Wyatt emerged from his shack and saw his own shadow which means another 6 weeks of Wyatt vs Hardy. Lord, in this difficult time I ask you give me strength.

The Roman promo was actually great and wow, I cant believe it, I’m kind of invested in this fight now. Great move not having Brock appear.

Better than average Raw tonight 6 out of 10.

i felt bad for mickie who had to stand up there looking like a chump while alexa talked. i’m glad they furthered the bayley/sasha feud. i feel its the only way to bring both of them back to life. i thought almost all the promos were really good especially miz and romans because everything they said felt legit. i really hope the end of matt and bray’s feud is that he doesn’t just beat him but deletes his gimmick. bray leaves for a few months and sorts out his family shit and comes back with something new.

kurt angle is now the worst after bray. they should just hire Eugene as general manager.

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