Post your feedback and thoughts on Raw from Monday night.

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Hey guys!

I have some thoughts on tonight’s RAW: even though it feels like no one is looking forward to seeing Omos and Brock at WM, I have to say, Brock feels like the smartest man in pro wrestling at the moment. He gets to work a feud where the pitch is based on just one F5 and gets to work off MVP whereas Bobby is going to be stuck doing a feud with Bray where my hope is that he comes out the other side with minimal damage, but given tonight’s “skit” I’m not going to hold my breath.

Seth’s byebyeb*tch delivery to Logan Paul was the highlight of RAW tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing what direction this feud goes and the match itself, it feels like it could be a highlight for this year’s Mania card.

Last thing, does it feel like Carmella will get shoehorned into the Asuka/Bianca match to possibly eat the pin and protect Bianca in the process to coronate Asuka? It feels like that’s the direction with all the Carmella involvement in this feud unless she’s just being used to make both women look strong.

I wasn’t looking forward to Lesnar vs Lashley 4 but now that it looks like we’re getting Lesnar/ Omos and Lashley/ Wyatt, I kind of miss the time when there was only one match I didn’t want to see. If they turn either or both into a 3-way with a bear on cocaine, I’ll change my tune.

Not sure what was happening with Carmella but I’m inclined to think the same as the post above- that they’re thinking of including her in the match with Bianca and Asuka to have her take the pin. If not, it at least feels like they’re putting enough emphasis on her since her return that there has to be some plan for her at Mania.

Alexander from Portland

I feel less interested in Mania after tonight’s show. MVP and Lesnar’s segment just felt off, Bray feels way too silly for a program with Lashley, and with Becky and Lita as the tag champs already I don’t know what team (if any) could be heated up to be great challengers. I don’t know any WWE fans that actually want Omos and Lesnar, why couldn’t Lesnar have beaten Omos at Elimination Chamber to build up to Lesnar and Lashley at Mania? Bray and Lashley at Mania could be a great match but regardless of who wins I feel the loser could be really hurt in the loss. Highlight of the night was Chad Gable, if the Alpha Academy is splitting I hope he gets a solid push.