FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 2/4/19

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What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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Jalen from Pickering,

Congrats WWE on an early contender for worst raw of the year. It’s a great sign when the best parts of your show are Charly Caruso, Dean " one foot out the door" Ambrose, and Angle talking about depression.

This was a 1/10 show in an arena that looked 1/3 full. With Becky suspended, Seth injured, and Brock being Brock, this show is about to get dour. Ronda was horrible, all the women looked like they had extra clown makeup on, and anything that had fan interest is less interesting than it was a week ago. I can’t wait for former world champion Dean Ambrose to get pinned by Nia Jax at Wrestlemania.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight was another average episode of Raw. Recently I’ve been watching all the episodes of WWF Superstars from 1992 and while some of the worst parts of that show should be ignored, like Papa Shango, the idea of 2 or 3 squash short squash matches and putting out a variety of talent each week makes each show interesting. I was hoping they were going to do that with Ronda against Liv Morgan, with a quick squash and then that’s Ronda’s night. It wasn’t as bad this week with two quick matches, but I wonder if WWE’s injury woes could simply be cured by not having guys work multiple times a night having crazy matches. My fear is a guy like Seth Rollins, who does this on a regular basis, will end up being really messed up in the future. We already know what happens to the guy who works the most matches each year and they have a big enough roster to pace their talent. Anyway, it was a 5 out of 10 show, but I have a question for discussion. How would you guys use a talent who you knew was leaving in the next few months? I understand jobbing a guy on the way out, but I wonder if building him up for the big loss before he leaves might be a better option. What would you guys do with Ambrose on the way out?

Jesse from the 6

How dare that Stephanie McMahon demand that her wrestlers see a doctor. She grew up rich, what does she know about a torn meniscus? How can she do this to poor Bucky Lunch? What a heel. I’m glad she was assaulted.

Take Care


Tim from Alabama

Man is it just be or is WWE just on auto pilot until wrestlemania??? This show was lackluster at best. You basically are trying to recreate the chemistry of Austin-Vince with Becky-Stephanie which no one wants. You keep telling the fans that you’re going to make tag team wrestling important this year but you keep having the Revival getting Raw Tag Team Championship opportunities, you might as well just put the titles on them now. You are basically telling the fans that with the way you’re booking Bayley and Sasha that one of them is going to turn on the other after almost a year of their we’re enemies then we’re friends storyline. And who knows that they’re doing with Dean Ambrose now, my guess is they’re going to just job him out now until he leaves after Mania. And lastly you have Paige come out just to plug her movie that I’m honestly interested in seeing but come on WWE you know damn well you can use her better, hell why not pair her with someone as their manager, she’s great on the mic and we all know you have countless people in the back who could use a manager, just take your pick.
I’m giving this episode 2 Paige movie promos out of 10.

Jay from Colorado.

Dear WWE, let’s stop sexualizing Alexa Bliss please.

Thank you,

Jay from Colorado.


Well - looks like I was spot on with the detour that will be the Road to Wrestlemania. Becky and Rousey are hot as hell and have a legitimate organic claim to the Main Event and what does WWE do? I cringe at the thought of how far this will go. If they really tease her out of the match past February…wrestling isn’t bad when it’s predictable it’s just really bad when the worst ideas are the most predictable ones.

I wish Becky would have said to Stephanie, go ahead and suspend me, there are plenty of places to main event these days.

Is anyone in the entire Universe clamoring for Jeff Jarret? Over / Under 2 people not in his family ever saying in the last 365 Days - saying I want to see Double J in a match on Raw.

Was The Goddess not over before she became Sex Goddess? Who decides she was a bad character as a mean girl and that she needed to be the next playboy bunny?

I hate this company sometimes.

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I don’t know what this show is anymore - it is comprised of bad drama, bad comedy, laughable dialogue, and mediocre action. There is little to no plot advancements or character growth each week, and i’m constantly questioning during the show what i’m doing with my life watching this crap.

I get that Vince controls the booking but does he have a say how the wrestlers work matches? The matches on NXT are 10x better, and much more entertaining.


Brandon from Oshawa

Garbage show, but I have to disagree with the people who dislike the change in Alexa’s character. I dont think it is too drastic and its been very low key stuff shes done so far. This might be the “Womens Revolution” but that doesnt mean every woman has to be shown as some kind of top quality athlete. I think there is definitely a place for what Alexa & Mandy are doing right now. Just dont go back to pudding matches or gravy boat matches.

I thought Ambrose was actually pretty funny tonight and I dont usually think that about his lame promos. At least if he is leaving the company, to me I havent seen him throw in the towel yet.

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