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Cody’s promos always have two constants: Mentions of Dusty and crocodile tears. Tonight was no exception.

This show will likely be remembered for the Cody/ Heyman promo and while the attention will (for obvious reasons) be focused on the one who’s headlining mania, I thought that Paul in particular was remarkable. His ability to transition from being genuinely moved and caught off guard to cutting a vicious heel promo deserves high praise. Kind of a meaningless cheap shot at Dustin included in there at the end but the man earned his salary for the year tonight.

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I don’t think its fair to accuse someone of “crocodile tears” when they are talking about a late parent. Its a topic that most people who lost a parent will likely tell you easily brings up real emotion.

It was a newsworthy outing in Orlando that had spun a lot of plates and for the most part handled them effectively.

  • Lesnar and Lashley set the stage for their rubber match pretty well. I wonder what the direction will be for both men heading into WM.

  • Edge name-dropping Jamiroquai got a good chuckle out of me (his hat game puts Finn Balor and Jake Hager to shame).

  • The Street Profits split the difference with their qualifying matches. Dawkins continues to shed the second fiddle labels. Are we gonna see Ford’s singles career start in earnest?

  • For as much attention Sami Zayn has received lately (and rightfully so). Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman gave the WM main event the sizzle it needed. The theme of Dusty’s flesh and blood vs Dusty’s son he always wanted is a great way to keep it from getting overshadowed. (I also liked that Cody acknowledged Sami’s organic popularity)

  • Thankfully, there was no tribal overrun to keep this cage match from main eventing. Bayley and Becky Lynch delivered and it hit two birds with one stone. Becky got her receipt and Lita’s appearance makes Bayley’s path to WM a little more clearer. A win-win all around.

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