FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/12/18

Leave us your feedback, questions, and comments on Monday’s episode of Raw, WrestleMania card, and anything on the New Japan Cup as we will be chatting about both.

Tune in late tonight for Rewind-A-Raw.

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Jesse from the 6

So The Undertaker posts workout videos to his wife’s Instagram. I didn’t need to know that.

They are pulling out the big tactics to babyface Roman. They’re clever tactics, I just fear it’s too late into his career.

Strowman going on to win the tag titles alone would be insulting. As Wai said after Elimination Chamber, they’re giving him too much. And I was never all that enamoured with him to begin with.

Do you know why the WWE will post PPV clips to YouTube but will only show still photos on TV? Is it a contractual thing or some weird, internal logic?

Take Care

I love the idea of Braun taking the tag titles by himself, however this is the WWE do you think they will actually let him do it by himself or will they find a partner? If they do I hope it’s Big Cass…Do you think we are getting the American Bad Ass Undertaker since Kid Rock is going in the Hall of Fame?

Sean from Toronto

Is it geeky for me to say that my favourite part about Raw this week was getting to literally look behind the curtain and see the gorilla position on TV for the first time (to my knowledge)?

I have to say that the “Rusev Day” chant is fast becoming the new “CM Punk” chant for fans who are bored and want to hijack the show. Not a fan.

Finally, I think the whole world collectively shrugged when it was announced that the Ultimate Deletion will be on TV instead of Wrestlemania.

I actually looked up Michelle McCool’s instagram after that was said to check. Plenty of workout photos, but no videos.

Brandon From Oshawa

I agree with Jesse from the 6 about The Undertakers workout videos being brought up. It kinda kills the mystique of the character. I did enjoy the rest of Cenas promo however. I cant say that I’d hate the idea of John Cena sitting in the front row of Wrestlemania and leading the chants all night. It would be a funny visual.

I’m really enjoying the Roman & Brock build and hope they can hold off entirely on anything physical before Wrestlemania. I’m predicting Big Show will end up being Strowmans partner for the tag title match, which doesnt make much sense, but I can see them doing it and promoting them as the Worlds Largest Tag Team. I like this direction more than adding Strowman to the IC Title program.

Hey guys,

Just going to post a few notes I’ve got for RAW tonight.

  • As much as they are attempting to give this Brock and Roman match a “worked shoot” feel, I just have a deja vu moment of Mania 20 possibly happening except Roman will take on the role of Goldberg.

  • I have mixed feelings on Alexa being fed to Asuka next week, especially if you look at the idea that in the next month you can potentially book Asuka to beat both champs.

  • My guilty pleasure moment of the show was Kurt assigning the ref for the ultimate deletion match, with the ref immediately asking if he was getting punished and being inserted into such a shitty feud.

Keep up the great work.

Rob from Mississauga

Charlie from New York.

I had a great time with Raw tonight. After Raw went off the air tonight I couldn’t think of how great it would be as a “come full circle” moment to have James Ellsworth be Brauns tag team partner. Braun’s first Raw match was with him, and James entire run came because of that moment. You could call them “Get These Two Hands with a Fighting Chance”. The road to Wrestlemania is on and I look forward to see what comes down the line.

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Mj from Nj

  • Roman actually felt natural and well spoken on the Mic tonight and using Vince gives this feud instant heat with any crowd. Vince referring to the Octagon was fascinating.
  • Miz cracked this maniacal smile at the end of the segment from the floor. He’s in a feud that feels lively with Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. Good for Mike Mizannin!
  • Tonight was the closest Cena ever felt to The Rock. I love Older Cena. He’s like old LeBron. And he’s fun and self aware.
  • The Bliss stuff was tough to watch mostly because I felt so bad for a person being bullied. I’m that respect, well done by all sides and Nia getting the win at Mania will be so worth it.
  • Where was Rhonda?

Great Raw, and really enjoying some of the story lines they are putting in place. I can’t help watch shows now without being aware how everything is designed for video packages.

On Sunday you talked about Ibushi’s moonsault:

  1. How cool is it that Page did one off the Manhattan Center balcony and Ibushi does the same in Japan, and they are wrestling at Super Card!
  2. How will New Japan handle Ibushi and the G1 Finals? Assuming they let him in, is there a bigger match or spot in Japan than Ibushi hitting another moonsault to Omega in a final?

Jay from Denver Colorado.

Gotta say I was thoroughly sports entertained tonight.

The Roman promo was great, and continued to put the heat on Lesner. I thought the illusion of him breaking story and going to the guerilla position was cool and Shane being there added to it.

The Cena promo was great. I dont mind the whole work out video reference, it made me laugh. Those people who are complaining should let the Undertaker, “Post in peace.”

Braun as tag team champion? Sure, ill take it!

Happy to see the entire broken universe finally coming into the fold. Next week should be splendid.

8 out of 10 tonight. I must be crazy.

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This edition of Raw sucked. If it wasn’t for Alexa Bliss I would give this show a zero. One thing that did catch my eye was seeing Shane next to Vince. I don’t think that was an accident and might set something up for tomorrow night.

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Noah from Vaughan.

I absolutely loved tonight’s edition of Raw, the build to Mania is in full gear and we are in the Fastlane to Wrestlemania. Cena promo was full of passion, same goes for roman. I’m excited for next week with the Ultimate Deletion as well as the alexa-nia feud to really heat up.

I’m Glad they kept Ronda off the show as I feel that another week of her, Angle, Steph and HHH would have been overkill (thoughts?)

Terrific show tonight, 9 Points to the wrestlemania sign out of 10

Steve from BC

Tonight’s Raw seemed like the car on the road to Wrestlemania had some engine troubles and broke down on the side of the road. No Lesnar, no Ronda, no Hunter, no Steph, and no Taker. Seriously, where was the star power we usually see this time of year? Cena’s promo started off pretty weak but as soon as he got serious and made the challenge the crowd ate it up. I find Braun challenging the Bar and most likely winning could lead to some really fun Braun squashes as a solo tag champion, but unfortunately it will come at the expense of an already weak tag division. And with the introduction of House Hardy I’m slowly getting more faith that they can turn this character around and am actually looking forward to next week’s Ultimate Deletion match. But aside from that this was a very meh edition of Raw, and judging by my low level of excitement for Wrestlemania thus far, that’s a big fail on WWE’s part.

5/10 suitcases thrown.

Was at Raw live tonight. Couple, maybe interesting tidbits:

The new arena in Detroit has a massive scoreboard that all the clips were shown on. Problem was, it was on a couple second delay from the live Tron, which may have led to weak crowd reactions.

Vince’s promo was only on a very low volume, and pretty much could not be heard in the arena. Led to crowd chants, and by the end of the promo, the volume was fixed.

The announcement of Kid Rock in the Hall didn’t even get a big reaction in Detroit. Have to feel like this class is one of the most disjointed in some time.

Disappointing to not see Ronda on the show, as I thought she would be a lock. Didn’t expect Lesnar or Taker, but hoped.

Anyway, thanks for the shows guys! They help me through my travels!

It’s insane that all of these celebs are going in before Lemmy and the rest of Motörhead. The title of the “Warrior Award” seems less asinine now, since hearing the Battle Royal is named after Moolah, whom was rumored to do detestable things during her career. Although he was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up, I don’t ever want to see an “Annual Chris Benoit Money in a Bank” match.

It doesn’t really matter when they go in the HOF as long as they go in, also Kid Rock wrestling resume is about the same as Motherhead, also you don’t know if they’ve been asked and turned it down.

I think Floyd Mayweather, Lawrence Taylor, Cindi Lauper, Dennis zrodman, Karl Malone as well as others are more deserving too.