FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/21/22

What did you think of Raw?

That poor crowd thought for a moment that they were getting Stone Cold AND Cody… They did get an amazing segment with Kevin Owens, though, and a really good match between Seth and AJ (insert standard “except the ending” caveat), so hopefully that makes up for it? The rest of the show was definitely something that happened but, as is often the case with Raw, it felt like a very tepid mix bookended by strong segments.

Clearly, the biggest news coming out of the show is that we now know Veer arrives April 4. We just need them to confirm which year.


Last week I came clean as a non WWE watcher that tuned in to see if Cody would show up in Jacksonville. This week, I feel like I may need to leave my family for a while and check into a local rehab facility. I can’t stop watching this god awful product. Seth is absolutely terrible, and no it’s not because he’s great at doing his job and I’m supposed to hate him, this is just such a stupid story that is bleeding into every other top Raw program for Mania. I thought Cena begging Taker every week for a match and eventually sitting in the crowd until his music hit was stupid, but at least it was isolated to just their own segments. I couldn’t believe they had Seth interrupt the Mysterio tag match and they never once cut back to the ring as Seth’s mic was cutting out, they just let the confusion sink in and went to commercial. I wish I could tap into Cody’s mind and really know what he’s thinking. Sure, his Mania debut will be great as far as entrance goes but after that match, I don’t see anything out there that Cody can sink his teeth into. The title will once again be stuck between Brock and Roman for Backlash, so unless he’s going to forming some American super group with a Gable Steveson, how is Cody really going to make an impact in this company? I’m not seeing it guys. Like Last week, I’ll give a 3 out of 10…