FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/22/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Good show tonight. We had Lashley vs Sheamus again, no bother I will watch any combination of these 2 and Drew fight forever. Despite BT rudely interrupting the match it was very good and a nice set up for the match which led to the Mania stip. I hope a Hurt Business split isn’t on the cards as they’ve been a highlight of Raw.
Asuka and Peyton was decent, then out came Rhea! Didn’t think this would set up well but I am all of a sudden a bit more excited for Rhea vs Asuka than I am Bianca vs Sasha. I’m convinced Charlotte will still fit in here somewhere.
The Miz beat Jeff Hardy clean as a whistle. Feel like I would have to do some serious searching to find when Miz last won a match clean. There was actual train noises as Braun ran around the ring which I feel bad for saying I liked. Graphics department were on fine form as The Fiend and Alexa insinuated they’re going to Wrestlemania, the graphic was there instantly including a picture Mr. Fiend kindly took time out of his daily schedule to pose for. Curious to see Bray try and actually wrestle in that outfit, he looks to have the mobility of the Yeti.

Nick from Boston

Inspired by Shane & Elias, I’ve decided to leave my usual feedback in the form of a limerick:

Tonight’s Raw had a bit more direction

The Hurt Buisness need some course correction

Rhea’s debut is a quick solve

Omos’ favorite color is mauve

The only bummer was crispy Bray’s unexplained resurrection.

With Fastlane out of the way, this show moved at a far better pace. Intriguing that Bad Bunny vs Miz is a singles match, he must have a lot of trust & admiration from those backstage. If Charlotte is cleared within the next 1-2 weeks, I could totally see her being included in the title match & I wouldn’t mind it at all. Two strong triple threats on one night could be very fun.


What age group do you think this product is meant to be aimed at? i sat through fastlane, i sat through Raw tonight. i mean they purposely inputted a train sound when Braun did the strowman express tonight. I am 31 and i think I would have a really hard time finding people of my age group to sit through this product at the moment.


Sometimes, the best option is to go with the obvious choice in the simplest way possible: Asuka’s match against Peyton immediately felt like its only purpose was to set the stage for Rhea’s arrival and to lay the groundwork for Mania. That’s exactly what happened; the challenge was made and accepted and it was just fine. There is no need to mess around with subplots and extraneous characters. I am plenty excited to see what these two will do in the ring. Honestly, I hope that WWE just puts together a few video segments on the women that can air over the next couple of weeks. Rhea could use a match or two just so that the Raw audience gets to see her in the ring on her own, but less is more. There’s very little they have to do to keep this program hot and the biggest danger is that they do too much.

While I’m not going to say no to Drew and Sheamus fighting on Raw, I feel like someone should tell them to stop at this point. Seeing both of them go at it with the wounds from the night before still visible made me feel guilty for how much I’ve been enjoying seeing the damage they’ve inflicted on each other and themselves. I’m still not sure how crowds will react to Drew at Mania but I think that the strength of Sheamus’s performances recently make it likely he’ll get a babyface reaction, especially after he took out Riddle.

I feel a bit sorry for Damian Priest who was positioned very strongly in the Rumble and afterwards but who, for the moment, appears to have been demoted to Bad Bunny’s bodyguard. I know there’s still time to change to a tag match, but after doing a great job of making Priest seem like a big deal, they’ve already stumbled with him. (All the more reason I want them to avoid mucking around with Rhea Ripley.)