FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/29/21

What did you think of Raw?

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Noah from Vaughan

Raw was not good tonight. Whose bright idea was it to have Shane McMahon read braun strowmans “5th grade report card” and then 20 minutes later have the new day’s game night segment. Between this show and the raptors dropping another game to go to 1-13 in the month of march, it was a tough night of TV lol

Nick from Boston:

I normally attempt to look for the positives, especially ahead of Wrestlemania, but breaking up The Hurt Business soured me on this entire episode. I know the writing had been on the wall for weeks, but to toss aside almost a years worth of buildup for a well-liked faction in about an hour & a half was genuinely head scratching.

Surely the stronger creative direction would be to have Drew fighting from underneath against a united front, but WWE knows no alternative way to manufacture conflict other than prematurely splitting teams up or inserting unnecessary third or fourth parties (see Sasha, Bianca, & Reginald). On a more personal note, seeing a no-nonsense & dominant faction made up entirely of people of color was incredibly meaningful. I’m happy they had the opportunity to hold all the belts, but it truly sucks that they’re splitting up with what I imagine is zero creative direction for Shelton & Cedric. Raw will be worse off without them.

The rest of the show wasn’t all that engaging, & there’s no match on this mania card, aside from Reigns-Edge-Bryan, that has had a compelling build. I love Wrestlemania season, but my excitement for this event is currently on the floor. I enjoyed the end with an intense Drew cleaning house, that’s the guy who got over last year. Seeing Ricochet in wrestling gear & not a fedora was cool too. Sorry to be so negative this week, hoping for the best on Smackdown.

Alexander from Portland

I wish I understood WWE’s fascination with groups or tag teams not getting along. The Hurt Business looked to be getting it right, but they broke up tonight. Rhea clocked Asuka and they’re facing the women’s tag champions next week. AJ and Omos weren’t on the same page but I don’t get how anyone was supposed to get over in that skit. Even if they played Pictionary that segment was not a draw. What I don’t understand is why Lashley shed himself of The Hurt Business throughout the show only to seemingly align with Baron Corbin at the end. I don’t feel this builds any more momentum for Lashley heading into his big title defense, and it certainly won’t be a launching pad for Cedric Alexander or Shelton Benjamin. On a positive note MVP was incredible the entire night on commentary. If The Hurt Business needs to end then I need MVP added to the commentary booth. hey hey hop hop, RAW tonight was a flop. 3/10