FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/7/22

What did you think of WWE Raw?

Caught the KO segment.

That had to be one of the most confusing announcements going off the air with Graves saying we haven’t seen Austin in 19 years except it was an invite to be on a talking segment. We’ve seen him do plenty of that. And they just happened to have the date set, but it’s a :question: in the graphic. It’s these things that’s drive me nuts because beyond bad creative there is insulting a fan base with silly promotional tactics that don’t really make sense.

Also, Cole would have handled that so much better

Revolution last night was 5 hours long and was still somehow shorter than Raw tonight…

I’m not sure what the point of putting the tag titles back on RKBro was, or seemingly breaking up Owens and Rollins. (Ok, we know short term why Owens is getting hived off on his own for Mania but what about after?) I’ve been enjoying the tag division dynamics on Raw lately and this show seemed to throw them all off.

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Alexander from Portland

A fine show tonight. The triple threat tag was fun to watch, seeing Orton call Riddle his friend felt like one of the best feel-good moments RAW has had in a while. Besides that, I liked seeing Dana Brooke get a fair pop. It’s nice WWE is actually giving her an interesting story. For a show with no Lesnar or Lynch this wasn’t too bad.

The triple threat tag title match was a blast. All 6 men worked their tails off and the commentary did a solid job of making it feel important. The Edge promo (no Alter Bridge, pyro or feeding off an audience, blue lighting) was intriguing. I wanna see how AJ will respond.

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J from Windsor.

Too long as always (I always Fast forward though the pointless matches), but I really enjoyed the show. Tag match was the best Raw match I’ve seen all year if not years, I enjoyed the storyline progression towards mania, and the KO call out of Austin felt huge.

Like a poster said earlier above it was odd that he called Austin out for the KO Show, then graves reacted like it was a match, not to mention the instant graphic making it all look contrived. But, I can look past it with the incredible performance Owens gave tonight from beginning to end.