FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/12/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Hey guys! Enjoyed Mania overall and was hoping for a decent RAW. Charlotte was out there long, but I thought the promo was effective. Glad Charlotte can leave all that nonsense behind. The Alexa Bliss explanation made little to no sense, so par for the course.The show was just slogging along until the slip. I didn’t think Mandy and Dana could look any dumber, but I stand corrected. A dud of a show with an awful commentator debut. I cannot fathom what WWE was thinking with the show tonight. Oh well, it’s just Wrestling hope all is well.

Bitch count-4

Nick from Boston

For a Raw after Mania, this show didn’t have much substance. I thought Charlotte’s promo was a highlight & she’s always been at her absolute best as an arrogant heel. I’m all for it if her distraction leads to a great triple threat between herself, Asuka, & Ripley at Backlash. As for Retribution getting involved in the main event scene, why not just completely repackage them as Dio Maddin & Dijakovic? It would be far more impactful too see them completely shed the silly gear & come out as a fresh new threat.

Interested to hear your thoughts on Adnan Virk. I certainly think he brings more of a “real sports” feel to the broadcast, but at times he sounded very much at odds with the world of sports entertainment. Hopefully he has time to get acclimated & I actually thought Graves-Saxton did a decent job of pulling him through some of the rougher moments. Will be a steep learning curve.


Brian from New Jersey

Not that remarkable of a Raw After Mania, but in the ThunderDome, I don’t think it was ever going to be. My favorite part of the night was Charlotte Flair’s return and promo, which was exactly what it needed to be. Also nice to see the Viking Raiders back, and they seemed to be very happy vikings. T-Bar & Mace becoming hired goons for the Hurt Business could be something and a way to be thrust into the main events, while I worry Mustafa Ali might be joining others on Main Event. Just thinking about that leaves me kind of relieved not to see any post-WrestleMania call-ups yet.

Alexander from Portland

the good: Mace and T-Bar could thrive if paired with MVP and Lashley. The New Day having a DMX tribute was welcome too. Nia Jax was caught slipping and falling, it’s nice to see her botches not involve hurting others.

the bad: Rhea and Asuka, could you ask for a worse way to debut as champion?

the ugly: everything involving Alexa Bliss

I’d complain about Sheamus and AJ and Omos being left off this show, but if I had the chance I wouldn’t have wanted to be a part of this show either.