FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/13/20

What did you think of Raw?

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Nick from Lansing

I’ll start with the simple statement that putting on these live shows is reckless and short sighted, they’re flirting with disaster and we should all hope for the best. But that said, if part of hoping for the best is hoping for good wrestling, this show delivered for me. I like that Alister is the guy who gets great matches out of people before getting a strong win. Shayna destroying Sarah Logan is exactly how she should be booked, and I love the efforts they went to build Zelina’s faction even if Andrade got the loss. IF the show must go on, the least they can do is deliver good tv.

Andrew from Cape Breton

On my favourite episode of Review a Wai, the April 10th, 2000 edition of Monday Nitro, John said a line that I say now in real life. When it rains, it shits. And my goodness, the shit storm around wrestling is just getting started. I definitely think there is a chance these shows will get cancelled eventually by the government changing its mind, or when the inevitable happens where Florida has a huge uptick in cases. In the case of WWE, someone will have to die. This may seem like an over reaction, but this is the same company that got a wellness policy after a wrestler in their company died, and started caring about concussions when another murdered his family. WWE is a reactive company, and only when someone dies is when WWE will stand up and pay attention. If they stop running Florida, they will find somewhere else to go until someone dies from the virus in the company who attended these shows. Other then that, the show was fine I guess, I wish I had some jokes to end off with. I guess this will be a great episode of Dark Side of the Ring in a few years.


2020 needs to go away.

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Jay from Colorado

I didn’t watch Raw but in light of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declaring the WWE an essential business and putting lives of talent and staff at risk I would like to review Florida if that’s ok?

Florida is hot, humid and crowded. If it weren’t for the theme parks and my sister in Minneola I’d never visit. Also the Governor smells like cheese. 3/10.

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This show was not essential. John, if you saw JOHN OLIVER over the weekend, what was more satisfying on Sunday night; Wai’s TOTAL RECALL, or the end of LAST WEEK TONIGHT? I enjoyed both, quite a bit. (Hopefully, John can quickly recap the adventures of a little rat erotica)