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Marques from Tampa

Flipping between Raw, the local Tampa Bay Rays game, and the WNBA Draft tonight, but for what I watched, I thought this was a good episode. I’ll try to keep my feedback short.

I like the new tag team titles and I’m glad WWE is getting away from the “red belts because it’s Raw and blue belts because it’s Smackdown” and not simplify the designs.

The one shot transition from Jey exiting the arena to Sami entering for his match was amazing and seeing the crowd shots for Sami’s entrance hooked me in for the title match.

Keep up the great work everyone at Post Wrestling

Mannie from Pacoima

Its begins again! Revel in what you are. They feel forgotten!!!
These past few raws have been flying by.
Somewhere near the cliffs of Moher, Neal Flanagan is celebrating for wwe once again has too many limes! Too many limes!!
The tease between the separation of damian priest continues as he ignored finn’s chase for the tag titles as well as being upset that the judgment day jumped Jey uso.
Speaking of Jey, what a one shot! I’ve noticed the long backstage shots have mostly been centered around sami, could be a coincidence or could be apart of his presentation either way they have to have rey mysterio bring out the daredevil suit once again and reenact one of the continuous fight scenes from Netflix’s daredevil!

I wish you all good luck on your CN tower climb! Regardless of the outcome hope you all celebrate the occasion with the award winning Pollock’s pickles made by chopped tees!!

Andrew from Cape Breton

So, a nerdy part of me came out while watching the show, so I hope you’ll indulge me. In 2002, the WWE Tag Team Championships were introduced on Smackdown, to be a counterpart to Raw’s “World Tag Team Championships”, which were the old WWF Tag Titles that date back to the 1970s. In 2010, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre beat the Hart Dynasty for the Unified Tag Titles, and after that point, they retired the World Tag Team Title lineage and used the 2002 tag titles as the lineage going forward. This is when they introduced the penny belts as the new title design. In 2016 when they had the new draft, the WWE Tag Team Championship was renamed the “Raw Tag Team Championship.” And in 2024, in a full circle moment, the belts that were a counter to the World Tag Team Titles have been renamed, the “World Tag Team Titles.” All of this detail can be double-checked if you’re like me and interested in this dumb stuff.

It sucks that Rhea Ripley is injured, but the silver lining is that the woman who injured her was on a path of revenge against her. If she’s going to get injured and have to vacate the title, it was best to have it be at the hands of Liv Morgan. I also thought the main event was great tonight. If Vince was still around, Sami would have dropped the belt tonight, so I guess this really is a new era.

The color coding of the tag titles are going bye-bye and that’s a good thing. I bet Smackdown will get the same deal, too.

Rhea Ripley vacating the women’s world title and sitting out for a while does suck but a blessing came in disguise as a double turn happened with Liv Morgan taking credit for putting her on the shelf.

Sheamus didn’t miss a step and he got his old theme back!

Lee Fitting should get a killer gift basket for upgrading the production in 3 months that Kevin Dunn couldn’t do in 30 years.

Sami Zayn/Chad Gable stole this episode with a fantastic tv match. The tracking shot of Sami walking through the Bell Centre was the illest thing I’ve ever seen.

Does anyone think the women’s world title will be decided in a tournament or a battle royal?

One of these moves is lazier than the other.

I’m almost certain that WrestleMania 40 was the peak of the HHH regime. The culmination of the perfect chase with the right babyface, heel and the set of circumstances led to a blow-off that people will hold dear for some time. Even if they never scale those heights again, the last hour of RAW or so showed that there are still some interesting things that might be worth sticking around for.

Mat from MTL.

Just came back from the Bell center. Loud crowd as usual. I really enjoyed the show but I was a little bit disappointed not seeing Drew. I was just a bit higher of the hardcam so you didn’t see my ‘‘perfectly fine’’ post wrestling sign! Love you guys!

Also everybody cheered for Jey pushing that stupid cellphone guy

The lighting, videography, and editing changes to the show make it a far more pleasant watch. The video packages, the transitional shots are giving the character more motivational logic, and the talent more space to explore performance and nuance in ways rarely seen before in wrestling shows.

Jey USO to Sami Zayn transition, with Sami just taking in what he’s experiencing before his match was wonderful and such a good use of talent and character continuity.

Meanwhile, AEW is going into its 6th year and still has character that have been part of their roster since launching that have very little explanation, motive or anything communicating why they are who they are, and specifically who they are. I feel like they’ve missed so many opportunities to explore and experiment with aesthetics and storytelling, but haven’t.

HHH and crew are untethered from VKM and Kevin Dunn and they’re trying things out and giving their on and off-screen space to create. Its also so revealing of how limited the WWE old guard were in how they presented the content and stories.