FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/19/21

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What did you think of WWE Raw?
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Paul from New Jersey

Randy Orton stated tonight that as long as he is around the Fiend will not be seen in WWE which is the most baby face thing anyone has said in 2021. I like the direction of Charlotte‘s character lately, but they really need to drop “The Opportunity” tagline as it is really lame. MizTV is usually a cringe fest, but I found Maryse to be quite funny in the segment. This Mandy/Dana/Nia stuff needs to be marked for one of the worst of the year as it makes everybody look like a fool. What can I say this was a Monday night show, there are many like it.5

Question, should Xavier and Kingston go their separate ways for a little while? They’ve done everything they could possibly do as a tag team in a division nobody cares about. Not to mention the act is just not as good without the third man. I would like to see Xavier get a singles run.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m smart enough to watch WWE programming because so many things I see don’t make sense to me. For instance:

  • Why would you have the #1 contender for your world title take on two guys, almost lose only to be rescued by one of your other top contenders and have the match turned into a regular tag match that the two “top guys” then lose via DQ, all in the name of getting two guys who’ve lost to everyone to take their masks off?

  • Why is Jaxson Ryker the only one of The Forgotten Sons who still has a job?

  • Why was it necessary to have a good match between Charlotte and Asuka undermined by interference?

  • What did Shayna do to deserve her position as the pin-taker in every match she fights?

This was not the worst Raw. I thought that Riddle and Orton had a good match, as did Charlotte and Asuka. I wouldn’t really call Sheamus vs Humberto Carillo a fight but it helped the re-establish that Sheamus is a heel and it was effective for what it was.

The problem is that I feel like I’m always left with questions at the end of Raw because I cannot wrap my head around their booking decisions.


This was a Raw leaving me with head scratches, numerous channel changes to both Hockey and Curling, and wondering why talented performers should listen to dolls.

The Good: Orton/Riddle Wrestling, A reminder that Seamus is an effective heel champ, even though his first opponent is a little less to be desired, and the actual Asuka/Charlotte match.

The Bad: Much of the show, exemplified by how in reaction to Ray Fenix being unmasked, let’s unmask T-Bar and Mace with little effect! As well, the women’s tag storyline is already looking bad.

The Huh? Alexa Bliss. Ok. She’s away from the Fiend, but the ‘I listen to Inanimate Objects to hurt others’ idea doesn’t work for me, so far. I want this character to work for her, but I have no trust in the writing staff to pull this off.

A 5 out of 10.
Richard in East Selkirk.

Guillaume from Laval, Québec

I’m glad WWE finally decided to unmasked T-bar and Mace, but… Dio Maddin was part of the RAW commentary team a couple years back and no one tonight was able to identify him ?

I truly hope that they get a nice rebranding and that Reckoning and Slapjack get the same treatment on Smackdown, Mia Yim can be a nice addition to the roster.

Alexander from Portland

If AJ and Omos win the tag titles at WrestleMania but aren’t on TV the next two RAW’s, are they really the champions? My favorite part of tonight was Asuka getting the bitch-card. My least favorite part of tonight was Asuka and Charlotte, a WrestleMania rematch, being given less than ten minutes in the main event. I’d say WWE can’t do long-term storytelling but I’m not sure if they can do short-term story-telling either. Braun originally being booked to wrestle Orton but actually being Drew McIntyre’s tag partner in a tag-team rebooking of a 2-on-1 handicapped match with two jobbers from RETRIBUTION makes little sense. Shayna Baszler not being able to win a match while a lengthy recap video plays in the middle of the match makes little sense. But Asuka said bitch, so things weren’t all bad.