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I suppose Becky is the safe choice as champion. It makes you wonder what the plan was for Rhea and if she was due for an extremely long reign.

What titles do you see switching brands with the draft coming up? An IC and US switch makes sense. Do they really load up Raw for Netflix with Smackdown being a lame duck show on Fox?

The promos tonight felt looser and pointed. Especially during the Drew/Sheamus segment. Your mileage may vary on Drew going low with the body shaming. Sheamus rolled with those punches very well. Judgment Day continued their strife without Rhea putting out the fires. Finn Balor renewing his deal could spell a world title run in his future (provided that he stays put on Raw)

The tag title match was solid and the battle royal was better than expected. It’s okay to play it safe with Becky becoming the new women’s world champion.

If Ilja ends up joining Imperium with Vinci’s ousting. I’ll seethe

Liv’s revenge tour doesn’t end at one stop. There’s many, many stops to go.