FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 4/23/18

POST your feedback and questions from Monday’s Raw in St. Louis.

Tune into Rewind-A-Raw late tonight.


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Sean from Toronto

Other than the Bruno Sammartino tributes, there was nothing much about this week’s episode of Raw that really stuck with me. In fact, I forgot most of what happened this week by the end of the show.

P.S. Is it wrong for me to want Booker T to replace Coach full time?

Brandon from Oshawa

I wish sometimes that I didn’t love wrestling, as much as I do. I wish that I could just say, thats it, I’m done making the WWE and their shows a must watch in my week. I can’t do it though, so I endure the torture that is episodes like this. With the exception of the Ronda angle, everything else was meaningless. Random guys from the shake-up or NXT call ups, facing each other in nothing matches. Everyone feels like they are all on the same level. No one feels special.

Braun Strowman is over HUGE, why is this guy in a meaningless tag match, in the middle of the show? Why is Bobby Lashley back and in the same meaningless tag match? Why arent these guys in big main event storylines? Why is Baron Corbin scared of some fools dressed up and dancing? Why is Jinder Mahal wrestling Chad Gable and not going after No Way Jose, who disrespected him after his title loss last week? Why is the winner of the “Greatest Royal Rumble” only getting a trophy and not a title shot? Is it so hard to put a title shot on the line and build someone up towards Summerslam or something?

Its all a waste of time.

Really awkward RAW with some heavy eyebrow raising spots. I was ok with Bobby losing to Elias because he’s a really boring face and at least this can maybe lead to a heel turn. Baron Corbin is the same guy with same subpar promos. The Ascension are still jobbers which sucks because I was hoping they would get a real chance. Dolph and Drew could be good.

The big WTF moment was how this women’s match was laid out, especially the ending. I thought it was really clunky and this confusing Bayley and Sasha teasing is still happening with them tagging on the same team. We have this build to the Nia splashing onto everyone spot, but everything doesn’t matter because the main focus is on Ronda and Nat’s friendship. I thought it was just a very abrupt and unsatisfying end to raw.

Daniel from Toronto

This is the first RAW I have watched live in a very long time. I stopped watching live after this show went 3 hours. This is because 3 hours is way too fucking long for any weekly TV show. It is too long with too many performers.
This is a shame because the roster is incredible. Yet aside from Ronda Rousey everyone felt like just another wrestler on the roster tonight.

Was the women’s main event tonight a way to distract and/or apologize for no women being allowed to perform at the Greatest Royal Rumble?

Speaking of which, Is it really the “greatest Royal Rumble ever” if the winner doesn’t win anything? Can’t they at least get to main event Backlash?

Rating: 0 women out of 50 men.

(otherwise 5 out of 10)

Omri from Israel,

An average episode of raw, witch means predictable booking and attacks, a bunch of formulaic WWE promos and two good promos by Drew McIntyre and Alexa Bliss. The commentary didn’t suck, which was a refreshing change but that’s about it. The Roman/Brock program can’t be any colder as it was completely forgotten by the end of the show.
One thing that watching live has reminded me is that there are SO many f**king commercial breaks, and if that wasn’t enough, they would do a split screen commercial for the Greatest Royal Rumble (12 noon est.) in between commercial breaks.

Question: If the regular Royal Rumble winner gets to face a champion of his choosing at WrestleMania, than what does the person who wins the GREATEST Royal Rumble get except a nice looking trophy?

Overall this show reminded me why I don’t bother to pull all-nighters to watch it every week and I rely on your podcast to keep me up to date.
4 moments of Bliss out of 10

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

It was nice to see them start the show by honouring Bruno with a 10-bell salute & video package, then the rest of the show was average at best.

With the Greatest Royal Rumble this Saturday starting at 2:00am (1:00am for the pre-show) I now know how the UK fans feel watching Pay-Per-View’s. While I don’t know if I’ll be watching yet, I have just a few quick questions:

A) With Saudi Arabia strict law’s regarding women would WWE have to cut out all the Women’s matches, promos, ect, out of their broadcast?

B) Is the deal between the WWE and the Saudi Arabia government a multi-year deal to hold the Greatest Royal Rumble annually or just a event annually?