We will be doing Rewind-A-Raw LIVE on Tuesday at Noon ET

This time, a year ago. It felt like the Raw after WM had jumped the shark…but that was last year.

Cody started his new chapter on top of the world, as well as Judgment Day (“balanced as all things should be”). The Rock bowed out but not without a warning shot.

There was no Seth, Becky or Roman and Raw didn’t suffer one iota thanks to the depth of its roster. Seeing Roxy and Ilja was dope and I love that NXT is gonna be involved in the upcoming draft.

It was an entertaining show with the four-way being a standout. Drew can’t catch a break, can’t he?

This felt like a clean slate. I bet Roman will get voted off the island on Friday.

Cameron from Bristol Uk (New patreon)

Welcome to the paul levesque era.

I loved this unlike last year it didnt rely on complete nostalgia.

We have nxt call ups and new stories felt like how hunter would refresh nxt.

Opening segment went a little long but it pushed home the emotional title win and carried on the momentum from night 2

Gable and sami is a great combo and cant wait for the pay off next week will slap!

Ilya and roxy debuting before being drafted is a great idea and both got a decent enough reaction debuting tjem infront of a big crowd was smart.

The crowd stayed hot… Why? No womens tag title match. Replace it with a midcard title and start again the tag titles have had to much poor booking.
Time to push individual midcard

Guys your the goats thank you so much for the content.

Hi guys, Alex Francois here, not so much a comment on raw but more just a quick thought on the weekend as a whole. For my first Mania weekend experience it was incredible to see first hand, not just the shows but the atmosphere in Philly was incredible. Thanks for taking the time to chat to me and my wife at Drinkers as I know you guys were super busy, it was a great way to start our last minute decision to go to Night 2.

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