FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/14/18

We are posting our feedback thread up early for any of our U.K. listeners that may be attending the show in London tonight.

Please leave us your feedback & questions - Wai & I will be reviewing Raw, and also chatting "All In’, Jax vs. Rousey and more.


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I attended the O2 tonight my ticket set me back 80 pounds for a show without either top male and female champion and let me just say wwe owes us one, we were given a house show that lacked star power and we made it feel like a United Kingdom Wrestlemania. I really hope our enthusiasm came across on tv we were “all in” for almost every single person on this show, we were the pulse that kept this show alive tonight. if there’s anyone who could do with a run at holding the money in the bank briefcase right now it’s Kevin Owens things have come to a grinding holt for this man, even Sami Zayn i feel has more focus on him right now! Bobby Lashley feels so generic it’s actually nauseating why introduce him to television if you have nothing for him. Seth Rollins was hands down the biggest merchandise pusher tonight i feel his stock is growing and growing by the week.

604 Matt

On a scale of Katie Vick to Mae Young, where will the Bobby Lashley sister storyline rate?


Sami Zayn must be the biggest hell in the company. Threatening fans that he’s bringing Bobby Lashley’s sister next week.I got “Mama Benjamin” vibes all over again.

… “Ashley Lashley?”

I’m glad that ‘The Arsonists’ Seth Rollins is finally connecting with the fans as well (from what I’ve read) a merchandise seller. Didn’t think that Seth would feel more like a main event star over Braun.

So, I’ve got to give it to all the wrestlers that did double and triple duty tonight because they went all out to entertain the England crowd. Having said that, pretty much a by the number show tonight and I expected more for a England show.

Long time listener, first time contributor.

I attended the show tonight with my girlfriend and we both came away a little disappointed. The crowd were loud as usual in England but there was a lack of star power on this show. Felt a little ordinary. That said, the 3 favourites with the crowd were Elias, Seth and Braun in that order.

Underwhelming reveal of Owens as the 3rd participant in the triple threat, was hoping for Pete Dunne as were a lot of the crowd.

After the show, there was a 6 man with Owens, Zayn and Elias v Lashley, Rollins and Reigns. Reigns won with a spear. Seth then got on the mic and gave it to Elias to finish the show. If you’d have told me a year ago Elias would be the one sending the crowd home happy as the biggest star, I’d have laughed you out the door.

Jack from Vejle, Denmark.


Brenden from California

All the whining, the insubordination, and now the blind-siding (albeit on Jinder) has me viewing Roman as a heel. But I know that WWE wants us to view him as a bad ass baby-face. Then again if actual felonies don’t account for a heel turn I guess I shouldn’t look too much into tonight’s happenings. Also, I don’t know what to think about Nia challenging Ronda. It’s too early to give Ronda the title, but it’s also too early to give her a loss or even a “Dusty” finish. I haven’t watched RAW in three or so weeks and came back after hearing about that bizarre Lashley interview. Unfortunately this episode was very boring and forgettable.

Jalen from Pickering,

Poor Zayn really is the Christian to Owens’ Edge, and I genuinely feel bad for him. This guy is in a feud over vertigo and next weeks segment could easily be ‘This is your life’ levels of bad. On a positive note, I like what they’re doing with Drew and Dolph. Having them beat makeshift teams of people that are actually over does way more than beating anyone in that tag division.

Sean from Toronto

As I watch more New Japan and ROH, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to get into the highly repetitive product WWE puts on a weekly basis. The only thing that truly stood out for me this week was when Elias was getting ready to play in the middle of his match.

While I’m not exactly against the Ronda Rousey title match itself, I was not a fan AT ALL of the way they set it up with the scripted appreciation by Ronda and Charlotte egging her on for no reason whatsoever. Also, it seems destined to make Nia Jax seem really stupid, especially since there is no way they are NOT giving the belt to Ronda.

Finally, am I the only one who thought back to the Shelton Benjamin’s mother angle (and not in a nostalgic way) when Sami Zayn said he’s bringing in Lashley’s sisters?

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Sam from Long Island
What is this sasha/bayley conflict? are they friends are they enemies? Pull the trigger already
Sami Zayn is doing really well with this bad storyline for him and lashley
So right now nia vs rousey is babyface vs babyface match Do you think nia or ronda turns? Does ronda Win?
As the roman push continues i ask myself does vince not hear the booos

Brandon from Oshawa

I thought the first 30 minutes were great. Then the next hour happened and it bored me out of my mind and put me to sleep. I only just woke up. It wasn’t even that it was bad, just who cares? Lame thrown together matches that suck. Guys and girls that no one cares about. I haven’t even seen the rest of the show yet and I’m dreading that McIntyre/Ziggler tag match. Why are they already being throne in with Braun? I almost don’t even wanna go back and watch.

I wanna ask about All In, do you think they will show it online or somewhere? I think they could make a killing on ippv. And how about Flip winning the NWA title before the show and that’s how he gets booked?

Review of the B Team/Breezango match felt a little weird, most of it was spent talking about a lack of crowd participation or focus when the entire time during the match they were singing the A Team Theme song for the B Team. One of the cooler aspects of the show and biggest things I saw feedback wise on twitter was completely whiffed on by this review and Dave/Bryan.

For a self proclaimed A Team fan as he said earlier in the show, Wai disappointed me here.

Also, I think the B team elevation is to set up a Hardy Compound match.

I think with the B Team, they are teasing a Mr T return to WWE.

Other than that, I love triple threats. They are my favourite thing in wrestling so I had to love this episode.