FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/16/22

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Alexander from Portland

A fine show tonight. Alexa getting a new theme sounds nice but Lily still being a part of her gimmick doesn’t bode well. Omos and Lashley was an okay match, a fair ending to keep both men looking good. I’m not upset at the main event shenanigans but why were Sasha and Naomi, two SmackDown stars, given a title opportunity on RAW? I applaud the two for standing up against bad booking, especially since their lack of involvement on this show seemed more newsworthy than anything that happened on it. Silver lining of the show was Kevin Owens, he’s entertaining in any role he’s put in.

Brian in New Jersey.

Balor & Styles Too Sweeting Liv Morgan at a house show over the weekend took over some of my Twitter timeline. It caught my eye, it had me wondering if they were going to do it on Raw, and they did… only for my reaction to it to be muted because of the overwhelming story of Sasha & Naomi. And what an insane statement from WWE!

Nevertheless, fun stuff from Styles & Balor vs. Los Lotharios, the steel cage match, and Kevin Owens. Thank you again John & Wai for all of your coverage.