FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/23/22

What did you think of WWE Raw?

Alexander from Portland

Tonight did a fine job of building up Hell in a Cell (but it sounded like everyone called it Hell in the Cell the whole night). Riddle and Reigns should be fantastic when it happens, and Lashley felt incredibly over too. Kevin Owens going from main eventing WrestleMania with Stone Cold to having a match at Hell in a Cell against Elias sounds like it would be a big demotion but Kevin is carrying this program so well. The main event fell flat with me but the Hell in a Cell card is looking stronger.

Question: who do you see being the next feud for Omos? I could easily see Ezekiel sliding into that role.

Roy from rhode island

Hi guys,

Regarding the story on the site over the weekend anout FTR working a match with Ric Flair this summer; quite apart from the medical side of things, it appears that Flair is on the same style of soft comeback that Hogan eventually came back on. Inspired by recent comments on various shows by people like Kate, Karen and Nate, how are these guys (and many others) able to remain so teflon ultimately? Wrestling has always been far from a squeaky clean business, but its really dispirting to see how little issues like racism or sexual harassment seem to prohibit careers in mainstream pro wrestling in 2022.

Jay from Colorado

What the heck was up with that main event finish? Asuka beat the 10 count just to run into the ring and lay face first. Really awkward finish and I was surprised they even replayed it.