FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/25/20

What did you think of WWE Raw? Leave your Rewind-A-Raw feedback below.

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Paul from New Jersey

-Glad WWE took a cue from AEW by putting some performers in the crowd

-Rarely do I care about the United States title, but Apollo did a good job conveying the importance of him reaching this milestone for the last few weeks. I was genuinely intrigued by the match & happy when Apollo was victorious. Good for him.

-The IIconic’s cut a terrific promo as usual. My prediction is they aren’t splitting up. What happened last week seems to be a way to make them more serious. Splitting them up would be a really bad idea.

-Seeves Nattie right. Horrible phone etiquette.

-Asuka is currently doing the best character work of her career & I can’t wait until Liv Morgan passes the 10th grade.

Question, what would you do to rehab this Rollins character? It’s simply not good. 7.

Andrew from Cape Breton

The crowd was a fresh change to have, but I still like how AEW does it with having heels and babyfaces on each side of the crowd. It feels almost forced that they just have all the PC people cheering and booing instead of having friends of the wrestlers out there to cheer or boo because they like them and want them to win. I feel because of this, the best match tonight when it came to the crowd was the main event with the Street Profits as they probably know a lot of the people in the crowd really well. The show was decent tonight so that is a positive. I also really enjoyed the three way women’s match and everything was standard fare.

The Liv Morgan stuff is still weird though. Her Britney Spears “I’m not a girl, not yet a women” schtick reminds me of May Valentine in NWA. May is this ditzy character who is doing these vlogs where she’s trying to present herself as deep and thoughtful. It’s great because she’s not, and it’s made obvious with her storyline with Royce Issacs and Sal Rinauro. With Liv, it feels like the company wants people to think that Liv isn’t coming across as ditzy but is actually deep and thoughtful. Maybe I’m thinking about it too hard, I’m getting bored with being in the house all the time. 6 out of 10 show.

Alexander from Portland

The lack of fans is what’s kept me from enjoying WWE as much lately, so tonight’s crowd was amazing. When the camera panned into the crowd at the beginning of the show I didn’t see any chairs. Did the crowd have to stand for the duration of both tapings today? The Women’s triple threat was good, but Nia seemed clunky. Asuka was easily the best part of the night. Would you say right now is the best Asuka has looked since coming to the main roster from NXT? Thanks.

Nick from Lansing

One of the best Raw’s in recent memory and I have no doubt the NXT trainees played a part in that. Honestly I just came to say how much I loved that they started the show talking about they would be practicing social distancing and ended the night with a massive brawl. Absolutely phenomenal stuff

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Jordan from Kitchener

I share the same feeling as the posters above me about the crowd being awesome.

(5) Asuka was easily my MVP of the show.

(4) I don’t see what everyone else sees in McIntyre. We’re a month into his title reign and besides the Claymore is there anything to this character?

(3) Apollo Creed is your NEW United States Championship and cut one of the best promos in his entire WWE run.

(2) Iconics and Nikki Cross showed fire and passion in their promos were a nice surprise.

(1) Edge is a reminder that WWE has trouble building stars that people see on a level. (True Main Eventers)


I tuned in to Raw for the first time in weeks for two things:
1 the use of talent as crowds
2 the second biggest golf match of Memorial Day weekend.

On the ladder, who was that for? I play golf, it was not remotely funny or creative. Was it for people who don’t play golf? Do 7 year olds even find that stuff funny?

It doesn’t have to be stupid either. Look at the use of football jokes in the Stadium stampede. Can WWE writers not come up with anything creative to make these sports segments remotely cool, or at least not the worst type of comedy.

Meanwhile I thought the crowds felt so forced. It didn’t just sound like fans in a video game, it looked like it too. Nobody stood out which is a benefit AEW has received from using people ringside. AEW has out produced them in terms of empty venue shows and been a step with the hard cams and talent ringside.

Ps. Marty was back in a featured spot on BTE.
BTE has been excellent lately and Hangman has cut some really metaphorical deep promos. Kenny and Cabana as a comedy pair is fun too

Decent show, having a crowd made a difference.

MVP is the best guy on the mic by far on RAW, it’s not even close. Also liked seeing Apollo win. The Iconics segment was better than expected too.

None of the wrestling dragged for me, but I’m just not sure who I was supposed to be cheering for on the women’s three way.

The non-wrestling stuff was painful. I have no idea where all the Liv Morgan stuff is going but her scripting is terrible. The golf was lame and again, like the axe throwing, there is no punchline. So pointless. And only a child like Vince would laugh at the stupid “they’re so fat they flatten the golf cart tire” spot. Just dumb. The Nattie interview was also horrible.


Good show. I’m not into the fake crowds as much as everyone else is, I thought it was kind of lame when AEW did it, feel the same here. In both instance it just feels so manufactured. But to each their own, the majority here clearly like it, so I can’t blame WWE for doing it.

Really liked the Apollo Win, he’s probably been the best thing on WWE TV for about a month now. Firsr time a US title win felt like it meant something in a really long time.

I can’t argue that the street profits/viking raiders stuff is “good” but I do feel that if we had real crowds, this stuff would be working. Reminds me of Mr. Perfect in the 80’s or even the Los Guerrero’s stuff of the early 2000’s. it’s not boring. I prefer this over wrestling in this current format.

Liv Morgan stuff is bad, to me it felt like she was able to say her own thing. Didn’t sound like WWE scripting to me, very all over the place. Probably was, but either way it was not good.

Enjoyed the triple threat, though it felt weird having natty in there after loosing last week.

If we had crowds I think Drew would be getting over huge. First time in a long time they have booked a baby face to come across smart and dominating. I’m actually looking forward to his match with Lashley as MVP has completely changed the Ora around him as well in a good way.

Edge was great, I liked the Garza/Owens stuff, icconics were good. Bliss is better as a heel.

Fast forwarded through the rest of the matches. Refuse to watch pointless mixed tags.