FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/31/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Had the opening segment of RAW on with the Maple Leafs game in the background so needless to say I had double the mediocrity. Glad to see the inclusion of Nikki Cross though. Orton and Riddle is working for me and the matches with Woods are enjoyable. I’m actually for intergender wrestling, but I absolutely hated Shayna jabbing to Reginald and the overall presentation. If only Shayna’s night ended then. So happy Kofi is at least around the main event scene as it felt like for a long time WWE wanted you to forget that he was a world champion. Hats off to Jimmy Smith, very nice debut.

Who has worse booking, Shayna losing to the Wine Guy and about to be feuding with a stuffed animal, or the Viking dads?

Alexander from Portland

WWE’s baffling writing was on full display tonight.

  • Sheamus, the heel champion, looks foolish losing two consecutive matches he wanted to have. With his busted nose and how he lost his matches, Sheamus felt like more of a babyface than Ricochet and Carillo did.

  • In 2020 Shayna Baszler became the only person to eliminate every other competitor in an Elimination Chamber. Tonight she lost, not to an actual wrestler but to a former Cirque du Soleil acrobat. Considering she’s going to potentially pair up with Alexa and that Reginald is not an actual wrestler, what was the point of giving Reggie the win?

  • Nikki Cross did not lose in two minutes to Charlotte Flair, and we’re supposed to find this impressive? Cross is a former women’s tag team champion and we’re being made to feel like she should be beat in less than two minutes.

On the positive side Kofi Kingston looked amazing tonight, RK-BRO was very entertaining, and Jimmy Smith had a very fine commentary debut. 5/10 show, sorry about the Maple Leafs

It feels nice to have at least one really positive thing to say about Raw tonight: Jimmy Smith sounded great. He seems knowledgeable and knows how to sell the action as well as call it. He improves the show and, as we all know, it needs a lot of improvement.

Drew vs Kofi 2 was excellent and I shouldn’t be surprised by that, but Raw seems to screw up their booking so comprehensively that it is kind of a shock when we get a quality match with a clean ending that leaves both guys looking strong. Does it make me want to see Drew vs Bobby again at HIAC? No, it does not.

Nothing else on the show rose above the level of “fine, I guess” and most of it was below that. Lashley’s Ladies continues to be my most hated thing in professional wrestling and having Elias describe Omos as “barely human” was a shocking bit of scripting, considering that Jaxson Ryker gained dubious fame for cheerleading Trump’s invective against the BLM movement.

But hey, that Game 7 was something else…

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