FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/7/18

Post your feedback and comments coming out Raw from Monday on Long Island, NY.


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Tyler from Orlando,

Good Raw for me tonight, I thought it was well paced and some things felt fresh.

Both triple threat matches were great, Ruby Riott in particular really impressed me, I’m kinda bummed she’s apparently not going to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

I was convinced Jason Jordan was going to save Chad Gable from the beat down from Jinder, I feel that has to either be a reunion or a program whenever Jordan returns, he has nothing else going for him.

Lastly, I think the package on Bobby Lashley was way overdue, and it maybe didn’t do him justice, but it was still good for WWE to make it to get the newer audience more accustom to him.


What was the Bobby Lashley package? The WWE is going full steam ahead with this Bullying stuff.

KO and Sami remain the most fun part of any show they are on. Their chemistry, like KO and Jericho, is just entertaining.


Jay from Colorado.

That Bobby Lashley video package was fantastic until the interview portion. It was awkward. And the zoom in on Bobbys face as he said “I love you” to his sisters was so weird it was kind of funny. What an odd package.

I don’t know what happened to Seth Rollin’s lately but holy crap he has been on fire! When he can carry even Mojo Rowley to a good match it says a ton. Let’s all pray this travel schedule doesn’t make him more succeptable to injury.

Question, is there any scientific explanation for the widening of Rhyno? He’s not getting fatter or bulkier, it’s like he’s being pressed between two panes of glass.


Dan from LI

Hey guys, just got back from the show and thought it was alright at best. I thought the two triple threats were solid, and Braun/KO was a lot of fun live. Who would have thought that Jinder Mahal would be the biggest babyface coming out of this show? My favorite part of the show however was Roman cutting the most honest promo of his career. He said he silenced the haters last night, and it was true! The fans can’t boo when they’ve already gone home. Other than that, nothing was really all that memorable. We didn’t get the Bobby Lashley package, but instead got an Authors of Pain squash, and beach ball mania went crazy tonight. The first time around, a crowd member stabbed the ball to death a several people threw food at him. I can’t stand the beach ball bullshit, it takes away from the show and hurts the overall live experience.

I give this show 5 Babyface Maharaja’s out of 10

The raw opening promoting what they do for their universe-
Is honestly quite funny because Backlash was the worst-
Twenty years in the family? Is Kurt really that insane-
The way he walks and talks show trauma to his brain-
No way Jose won’t go away, and Corbin won’t as well-
I wish they’d take the Congo line and ride it straight to hell-
Who is the most boring annoying of them all-
The modern day sleeping pill, one Jinder Mahal-
Wait is that Mojo Rawley I saw? So lame I need to vent-
It’s like they forgot about Raw and taped a four hour Main Event-
I think I’m giving up this hobby, if you ask me I’d rather pop a blister-
It’s obvious Mrs money in the bank will be Bobby Lashleys sister-
Between last nights show and this, I must admit it sucks-
It’s not just like taking one, it’s two kicks to the nuts

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Can I just point out the irony of a company called “PROGRESSIVE” sponsoring a “Greatest Royal Rumble” highlight clip. (Happened before Elias Vs Bobby Roode)

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Jalen from Pickering,

I hate Coachman’s commentary. If Lashley was so popular before, why do we need a video telling us about everything he’s ever done? While WWE has finally found a way to make Dolph’s record scratch work, it unfortunately comes at the cost of sucking out all the intensity from Drew’s entrance. Between Backlash and this show, Raw is officially Mediocre Night Raw.

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My feedback is more of a question

Why am I supposed to care about any of this? What incentive have I been given to care about any character not named Seth Rollins on this show? Braun admitting to multiple homicides was pretty gnarly but it felt shoehorned and not like the Strowman that’s been getting over on the mic. I’m starting to get the vibe I got immediately post Mania 32 where I completely checked out of the product for a year.

Boring show, boring company.


Terrance Gerin has actually had Rhynoplasty multiple times in his career which has caused his nose to be at half the size than it was 5 years ago. His body hasn’t changed much, but due to the optical illusion that his now smaller nose provides, it gives the appearances of a growing ‘wide body’.