FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/21/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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My dearest John and Wai happy belated Los Padres day been a minute since we spoke. Hope all is well man I truly mean it. Respect the way you guys forged your will in the fire of competition because if you didn’t then you wouldn’t have had the courage to face your greatest obstacles. I haven’t watched WWE raw in quite a long time and dude to the sixers performance last night in game 7 I felt inspired. Inspired to write again inspired to lift my voice and speak to……the people again. Here I am

-Raw notes and meanderings

-ricochet dressed like he was inspired by terry hogan and his FU New Blood style.

-why was ricochet dressed like he was gonna wrestle Nic Gage at a GCW show

-was Ryker imitating Jim Caviezel from Passion of the Christ with the way he was whipping himself with the Caribbean strap

-with Ottawa loosening travel restrictions what is the first thing you wanna do with the new found freedom? Road trip to the big nickel? Also it’s 13 degrees in Parry Sound. Get your Boxing Day specials at the Brick guys

-Wai and John I wanna recommend a grappler to watch if you ever have time. His name is Craig Jones. The man technique on the ground and the way he hunts submissions is predatory

-in closing I have a joke what was Beethoven fav fruit? Ba-Na-Na-Na

Love you guys have a great evening


On Sunday, Rhea Ripley was disqualified from a match for hitting Charlotte (not very hard) with the cover from the announcers desk. I know this happened because I saw it 24 hours ago but in case I didn’t remember, there was a segment about it on tonight’s show.

Randy Orton slammed John Morrison into the announcers’ desk and put him through it but this did not warrant a disqualification. I think it’s time I learned to let go of my notions of logic and consistency and just embrace the chaos of the universe once and for all.

I know other stuff happened on the show. Bits of it were good. More of it was bad. But it doesn’t matter because all of it will be forgotten in a week. Or it won’t. Chaos reigns.

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Alexander from Portland

This weekend was Hell! Two unadvertised Hell in a Cell matches on TV on top of its own PPV, this gimmick feels very overdone. Money in the Bank is looking great so far, and tonight’s qualifiers made me much more interested in seeing who will qualify on the Smackdown side. Tonight felt like the best episode of RAW in months.

That said, the women’s division has lost me. If Rhea and Charlotte is the title feud going forward it’s a cold match to offer fans for their big return to live crowds. Similarly Alexa Bliss is a tough one to see getting good reactions. Drew and Bobby came across as stars tonight. Lashley going 2-0 in Hell in a Cell two nights in a row feels like a genuinely great moment in his career. If Kofi gets the title match, please give us Xavier in Money in the Bank. 6/10 show

So why did DOUDROP let Eva Marie call her DOUDROP when she doesn’t like the name DOUDROP?

Who the fuck comes up with these names?

The RAW women’s division is the worst division in wrestling by far.

Is it though? What about these other terrible divisions
WWE women’s tag team division
Raw tag team division
Smackdown tag team division.

I mean the RAW women’s division is bad but I wouldn’t say far worse than these others.

WWE needs to consolidate their women’s division in general and instead of 2 belts maybe have one with potentially a midcard title. There are not enough women to support 3 separate good women’s divisions on their shows and keep them consistently interesting.

Based on the talent available and the booking id say so.

Ripley looks lost and has regressed in ring and especially on the mic with scripted dialogue.
Asuka has become a parody who screams stupid shit. Alexa is a possessed woman who can hypnotize others. Charlotte hasn’t changed in seven years and is looking for her 818th title reign. Nikki Cross is now cosplaying as a low budget Hurricane for some reason. Naomi lost to DOUDROP in a minute last week. Dana Brooke has been under contract for 8 years and still sucks.

It’s all beyond horrible. The tag divisions are terrible too but at least with those it’s just a lack of available talent. I actually think the SD tag division hasn’t been that bad lately.

But with the RAW women they have the talent and the depth but have no clue how to use them and make them worse every week

I agree on terrible booking, I would cite that lack of tag teams is part of that though, and they have quickly ruined teams like the Street Profits, and Viking Raiders. They don’t even try to put teams in those divisions or care about the titles.

For the women they really need to stop beat the clock challenges with actual members of the roster. Bring in local talent for that shit. I remember when they did that with the Riot squad to build to the WM triple threat. There went me believing any of them would ever be serious contenders.

But they have ruined basically every woman on the roster on RAW so from that standpoint it is bad. I just don’t think it is a large gap between that and most other WWE “divisions”

Yeah honestly, I think part of it is I have stopped watching WWE tag team matches. There is just no point wasting time watching them. Nothing ever happens and there are never any actual stories outside of chasing the titles.

The women sort of have stories but none make any sense. The stories they do try and tell build no one up.

The tag division is just an NXT graveyard at this point and I still don’t understand why we have two main roster men’s titles.

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I haven’t watched the show yet, but I’m surprised to see it received such a good rating. I can’t remember the last time Raw got a 6+ on this forum.

I wouldn’t put much weight into it. I looked in here around 10:30 on Monday, and it had an average rating of 9.79 or something, based on four votes… So likely people just trolling the rating, since the show wasn’t done yet.

Still, usually its like 3 lol. I watched the first segment which I really liked, fingers crossed!

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I actually dont think it was trolling. I just finished the show (well I have about 10min left), and for Raw it was a pretty good show. Every match had a level of consequence due to MITB, and for the most part all the matches at least had a finish. Nothing special, but not like your typical garbage Raw.