FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/24/19

What did you think of this show?

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Paul from New Jersey

At 8:05 PM, we would learn that there would be at least six wildcards. Utter madness.

I do however have to say, that tagteam elimination match was an absolute barnburner. Rowan has really stepped up his game. It’s not breaking news that Daniel Bryan is absolutely brilliant, but I think something has to be said for the work of Rowan as well.

There isn’t a feud I care less about than Roman and Shane. Seeing grandpa Taker Is just sad at this point. It’s not enjoyable watching him struggle through the physicality.


I did enjoy the show tonight. I thought it was really fun for the most part. Plus, John called it. Joe and Kingston. That’s why you guys get paid the big bucks.

Now for the question on everybody’s mind, does Mellia turn her back on Truth for the highly coveted 72/21 Championship?

Andrew from Cape Breton

So last night, you guys talked about something that made me think. Samoa Joe losing the US Title was a push, and it did turn out to be true. Tonight’s main event showed how pointless some midcard titles were. The match itself is great in concept. You have this grizzled veteran who wrestles a similar style to this young, up and coming guy who looked up to said grizzled veteran. AJ played the pseudo-heel, which is fine in matches like this because he’s the experienced veteran and main eventer. The problem is, AJ’s not the Champion, Ricochet is. Ricochet should be going in as the favourite and he shoudn’t be the underdog, but he is based on his position on the card compared to AJ. I know this has been done for ages, but with your comments last night and this match, I definitely think they should get rid of the US title on top of all the obvious unifications that are needed. The Intercontinental Title has some nostalgia, but I long for the days where it was the stepping stone and when you became a main event guy, you never went back to it. Speaking of trying to be a main event guy, I like that Kofi is getting strong wins, but I wish he would face more people then Owens and Zayn. He must have beaten them 100 times. Anyway, decent show tonight, 5 ways to not wrestle during the commerical break out of 10.

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So um. Why is taker teaming with roman?

AJ from PA

After last night Lacey Evans has more title match losses than singles match wins. Wow.

Anyway, amazing how the whole big heel Shane build up has led to Taker. My guess is we get Taker/Shane at Summerslam. Just a waste of a spot for some new talent to get a big career making win.

Really enjoyed the main event although I think ricochet needed the win more than Styles. Does this club story lead to Gallows and Anderson turning on Styles?

Truth is hilarious.

Please tell me the undertaker isn’t going to wrestle again. I don’t want to see him and Shane at Summerslam

I just want to know who are the number one contenders for… well, I guess, any belt.

Jay from Colorado

When I think of how much TV time will be devoted to the build to Shane V Undertaker round 2, it makes me really sad for all the young unused talent who just want a minute of TV time. I’m so glad guys like Gargano, Dream, and Cole haven’t been called up yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

Noah From Vaughan.

Saw this on twitter and it really caught my eye and is one of the reasons I have such a tough time watching the WWE right now, especially cause I enjoy logic and reasoning.

("WWE has got to develop some kind of consistency with title feuds.

“Oh you’ve been gone for months? Oh you just lost an inferior championship a few hours ago? No problem - title shot!”

“You lost a title shot fair and square? Here, you get a rematch and you get to pick a ref!”)