FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/29/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

So it’s a 4 out of 10 show despite some positive things happening but the fact is, when you have a massive outbreak of COVID-19 and you continue to do stupid things, that’s going to be the main issue I have. Firstly, Ric Flair. I hope he’s ok. If this show was taped Saturday after all those outbreaks, I’m shocked he was kept on the show. Secondly, the masks were fine, but I did notice at the end of the show, Kona Reeves, Rik Bugez, Ever Rise and Indi Heartwell removed them at certain points. If I was in charge of WWE after that massive PR disaster, I would have fired all of them so fast their heads would spin. I guess I was frustrated as a lady friend I had over the other night told me about people from Florida somehow getting across the border to live in their summer homes in Cape Breton. We’re re-opening a lot of things this coming Friday with a 200 indoor max capacity and stuff like what I saw is a lot more frustrating considering what could be done to be successful with this virus, and how easy it is to lose. Hope everyone is staying safe.

Paul from New Jersey

Quite the social gathering to kick the show off. I still don’t understand Seth’s modus operandi. I also just don’t believe him. Steal the IIconic’s catchphrase, get wrecked. I could gush over MVP every week & Apollo has definitely worked on those promos. 5.5. More mixed tags.

with Becky & Charlotte out, is there one woman on the RAW roster you would use this time to build up to the next level?

Paul_Scaltro )I know this is feedback but if I could chime in?

Bianca Belair?