FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/13/20

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Very nice showcase for Bianca & the IIconic’s were fun foils. Shayna had a nice return segment & I made a really good enchilada during the Rollins/Mysterio nonsense so at least it was a productive segment. We all know and love the shouting Ric Flair promos, but I thought calm Ric sounded excellent. Good main event. 6.5.

”Tune in because it’s going to be fucked” is a candidate for line of the year John.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I get that these cinematches are the big thing now, but I feel the eye for an eye match is going to push it to an absurd degree. What will be happening at SummerSlam? Winner must shoot their opponent? Winner must uppercut his opponent into the dead pool? I guess maybe I’m overthinking it but the cinematch deal has run it’s course for me. Speaking of things that have run their course, the Viking Whackers seem to be fitting into their new role perfectly. I guess they can’t lick each other’s faces in a post COVID-19 world, but maybe they could do a fun viking march before losing all their matches. And then there’s good o’l Ric Flair is still showing up. If WWE was responsible, they would ask Flair not to show up in the state of Florida, let alone the Performance Centre, but I guess we’ll see if he’s around during their next tapings. Highlight of the show was two former ROH World Champions being in the ring while one of them referenced another former ROH World Champ in Jean Pierre Lafette. 5 out of 10.

Alexander from Portland

One thought I had while watching the show, Halloween episodes will never be the same. If WWE can air a match in the middle of July where a man has his eyeball removed, what kind of shenanigans will take place on a Halloween-themed show? Seth has been bland as hell lately (and tonight didn’t help any), losing an eye could lead to some good character direction with him. Speaking of character direction, the booking for Sasha and Bayley has been phenomenal. It seems lately Bayley is out of the ring and Sasha gets the pin/submission on her own after carrying the team for a minute or two. Seems like booking you’d see out of AEW. Those screams throughout the show for the Horror Show videos were hideously bad. My question: is there any stipulation that you think would be most interesting for Drew and Dolph? I’m having a hard time thinking of a stip that won’t be disappointing. Cheers.

Phil from West Virginia

Greetings and salutations guys. Great work as always. Do you think NXT or AEW would try to do a ‘Cyber Sunday’ interactive type show for a Wednesday night event or maybe it’s a ‘choose your own adventure’ fan vote for a cinematic match haha?

Have a great week!