FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/20/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Help me out here. Was last nights match a globe luxation for globe luxation affair? I’m owed an eye. PC crowd actually made Seth laugh during his promo. Glad to see Mustafa Ali back, but I’d be curious to see how he’s being booked in six weeks. The show then came to a screeching halt for me when I saw Peyton Royce without Billie Kay. I recall Neal pointing out that the Aussies were hanging out with Kayla Braxton weeks ago. Hope I’m wrong, but Kay’s absence seemed unusual. I liked the angle with Stephanie. Trying to boost the ratings. 6.5.

Two Questions

When McIntyre was talking about stipulations, did you guys catch somebody from the crowd yell out “Eye for an Eye” followed by the crowd laughing?

did Paul Heyman really have it out for gallows & Anderson or is AJ being worked by Vince McMahon?

Erin from Brampton

Did you guys find it odd that the commentators were almost condemning Seth on winning his match? The whole narrative felt like Seth did something wrong, when the objective of the match was to take an eye out. I understand the act was horrific, but would they be speaking the same way if Rey had won?It just felt odd.

I’ve been loving everything Sasha and Bayley have been involved with (including the match last night), but the title situation makes no sense. From what I heard, Stephanie McMahon made it seem as if the Raw Women’s title was vacant. Did you guys get that as well?

While I’m not too big on the continuation of Dolph-Drew, I wouldn’t mind if it was something that was concluded within a week or two (before Drew starts a feud with Orton). I liked what Drew had to say in his promo. It’s not often a champion says to a heel challenger “you just lost”. I just love how Drew’s been presented as a sensible and smart babyface. Even though he accepted the challenge, he did it in a way that screwed with Dolph.

Kyle from Windsor

Hey guys. I’m assuming that things won’t be somewhat normal again until closer to the end of the year, with that being said, do you think that WWE could hold off on some of the returns of people that haven’t been seen, and save them for the Rumble, or will they rush them back to TV whether they have good ideas for them or not. Great to see Ali back, he looked great. Thanks

Andrew from Cape Breton

WWE were very smart tonight in their programming. They didn’t put Ric Flair on TV. I did believe that even after admitting his wife had COVID-19, he was going to show up and be the anti-Moxley, but thankfully, common sense prevailed. This show definitely seemed like the script was thrown out as was rumoured earlier in the day as it was very much a heavy wrestling based show with little talking. Big Show cut a good interview and Shayna Baszler is learning the finer points of being a WWE Superstar like how to stand and watch a TV. The matches were pretty good tonight and the highlight was Bayley vs Kairi Sane. She will be missed if she leaves. 6 out of 10 show.

Brandon Frm Cornwall FKA NJ

Greetings my Philly Jays fans it is I Brandon been a minute since we spoke and I just wanna say one thing before we get to the evening proceedings and that is I’m sorry for my appearance yesterday. I was flustered and and made an inappropriate joke about Brutus beefcake and the parasailing accident and for that I am sorry eh. Now give me a minute and let me address my Spanish fans in the audience y solo quiero decir una cosa… hahaha I got you good Wai you son of gun lmao anywhoo raw. Show and Orton worked hard.


-Wai were you slightly disappointed with the Seth/Rey match wasn’t turned into a Gwar video. It was a good match but it needed more exploding heads.

-John my guesses for the 3 empty seats next to EC3 were Judas Macias, Rob Terry, and John Cena or Mahabali Shera. Will I be right?

-did our lives change forever or was that on Saturday

Love you guys see ya


Do you see Vince going to the well again to try and beef up that SummerSlam card. Brock Lesnar? Bill Goldberg? Undertaker? John Cena? Do you think any of these will be receiving a phone call in the coming weeks?

Thanks as always for all the quality podcasts last week, it was a great week for post wrestling I thought!