Live tonight at 11 p.m. ET:

Judgment Day was everywhere the whole night. Dom beat Sami, Rhea put Liv on the shelf (angle), Priest won his match and they led a gang assault on Rollins.

TPTB better be careful not to overexpose them. A lot of stuff for Summerslam got cemented including Becky Lynch getting her rematch against Trish Stratus and GUNTHER/McIntyre in an MOTYC.

Also, Ronda/Shayna needs to take place in the fight pit.

As for who’ll beat Dom for the NA title.

I got a name: Dragon Lee


Tampa was a little unruly.

Brian in New Jersey.

Magan, I think we’re due to get Dominik vs. Wes Lee vs. Mustafa Ali on Great American Bash on Sunday and have Dom’s reign end there.

Some good build for various SummerSlam matches. A lot of good heat for the Judgment Day all night. Rhea Ripley is firing on all cylinders. I thought Ciampa and Reed had a nice little hoss battle.

My own little Mannie from Pacoima moment:

I capped off a busy weekend of watching wrestling with the second half of Prestige Wrestling’s show on Sunday, streaming on IWTV from Asbury Park, NJ. They had advertised Malakai Black vs. Kevin Blackwood, but it ended up being Black & Blackwood teaming up in a brief tag match against Jake Crist & Alan Angels, with some sort of feud going on between Prestige and Wrestling Revolver.