FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/5/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Brandon Frm NJ

Good event guys how are you long weekend eh? Anywhoo as they continue to shoot fireworks in the sky I am writing you this missive about raw like I’m Francis Scott Key aboard the HMS Tonnant during the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the battle of Baltimore in 1814. Raw was fine and the men and ladies worked hard.


-what is your take on Nikki Kross new gimmick and will it get over with the fans? If she gets an action figure out of it will that be a double bonus

-I don’t know about you but with the strap match phenomenon and the one coming up Wednesday between Cody and QT aren’t you a little fatigue over them? I remember when I got 5 F’s on my report card myself and my father had a strap match. I wore six pairs of jeans that day. Guess who won

-Was it me or did Alex Reynolds remind you of Jim Morrison in Wayne’s World 2

–John and Wai who are your personal colossus’s

-what’s Jaxson Rykers finisher called “The insurrection” “the Jan 6th”

-stay off the Eastgate Parkway significant road closures


With Alexa and Nikki Cross history isn’t this headed toward a spin-off series with super hero vs evil villain? Why not do something actually entertaining with these characters played by talented people. Sounds like you guys don’t love their Raw use but Bliss looks ready made for some actual acting roles.

Do you think Drew is going to still be over in front of live crowds or has his run near the top got exhausted. If he’s out of the title scene do you think his other programs will be viewed as upper tier as maybe some hoped as his thunder dome height. He feels closer to KO than Roman and I felt all last year they were trying to make him at Romans level. Curious how that investment in Drew in front of not crowds ultimately plays out now they will be back on the road soon

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