FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/9/18

Leave your feedback and questions for tonight’s edition of Rewind-A-Raw with me and John Pollock.

What did you think of tonight’s Raw?

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Burney from Chicago

Really enjoyed the first segment with Reigns and Lashley. When they don’t have to speak and are just physical, both guys are at their best.

I also really enjoyed the McIntyre/ Rollins match. The Shawn Michaels and Diesel feel to the Ziggler and McIntyre pairing is great. McIntyre has the potential to be a big star in the WWE for a long time.

However, I wish these 2 would’ve just wrestled. Their talking segment was brutal and the WWE sunk to knew lows with beastiality humor in that segment.

Combine that with Mojo Rawley vs No Way Jose, The Deleter of Worlds vs the B Team, the Riott Squad ripping shirts and Baron Corbin singing - I rated this show 3/10. The G1 can’t come soon enough!

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Eric in Miami

John a few years ago on a podcast with Court Bauer you used this Incredible analogy on how WWE treats talent. It’s a plane with 5 people in first class and everybody else fighting in the back. I use that to discuss the Roman/Bob pull apart, it was upsetting as a fan of Balor and A.O.P. to see them used as glorified security for it, but in the end when the segment was over the crowd was cheering for Roman and it established Roman vs Bob as the main event unlike what they did for Roman against Joe at Backlash.

Question: Do you guys think Seth and Dolph will go out of their way to have the best match of the weekend including the G1

Thanks as always

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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Any hope I had of Finn challenging for a World title shot soon was dashed as he appeared to be on geek duty during the opening pull-apart.

Bayley & Sasha with a new therapist, in the same office…did we really want more of these?!

With Brock Lesnar back to do a fight for UFC do you think he keeps the Universal championship until after his fight? Personally I could see him drop it to Roman just before the Melbourne show in hopes that the majority of fans in Australia will cheer a newly crowned Roman championship (which I can see backfiring and calling us “bizarro world”).

Chris From Virginia

I want to give this show a better grade than a 3. But I just can’t. The opening brawl was to me a desperate attempt to put heat on this Lashley-Reigns storyline. It worked for the live crowd, but it just didn’t have enough emotion in the weeks before this happened to really get me interested. I agree with one of the earlier comments that Drew and Seth had a fun match, but that talking segment did no favors to anyone. .Beastiality, Bully Braun, more lame Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt impersonations… and then we get the icing on the damn cake: Baron Corbin singing. I can hear it next week: Tonight, It’s Constable Corbin in Concert on Raw. Thank Christ I’ll be on vacation next week. Look forward to hearing your show and not having to watch the actual episode of Raw next week.

Tommy from Scotland

Raw was better than last week but let’s be honest, that’s not an achievement.

The high point for me was the main event. The low point also involved Seth when he tried to disparage my country by suggesting that Drew is very fond of sheep when in fact it’s the Welsh who love fucking sheep.


Andrew from Cape Breton

I can’t seem to enjoy those huge pull apart segments because of past reviews and finding out who the geeks are. This week specifically, Finn Balor and Bobby Roode were the notable geeks. Guys like The Revival and Elias were saved from geek duty, but perplexing ones like Jinder Mahal and Tyler Breeze weren’t geeks tonight. I also hate how heated rivals Mojo Rawley and No Way Jose were able to stay out there for the good of the company. Sadly, figuring out who were and weren’t geeks was the highlight of tonight. For instance, have you guys ever noticed that Curt Hawkins has trunks like Bret Hart, or how Mike Kanellis is looking really jacked. I give this show 4 geeks out of 10 actual stars.

Why are Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler having a 30 minute iron man match when their last match on Raw was 34 minutes? That’s like two wrestlers not being able to get up by the ten count then having a last man standing match… oh wait that happened too. Can’t wait till next months porta potty on a pole match between Owens and Braun that like the illogical booking will also be full of shit

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Marc from Cole Harbour

I love the Owens/Braun feud. I don’t care that Owens has lost literally every interaction between the two. We all believe Braun can murder pretty much anyone. He doesn’t lose unless it’s to Brock Lesnar. Owens doesn’t lose anything by being killed by Braun every week because so would anyone else on the roster if they were feuding with him. The difference is that Owens makes the most out of every second of screen time so in my opinion the feud is a highlight of Raw. I would love to see Owens as a stronger focus but I think WWE giving him so much TV time is a good sign for him.

The main event was really good. Seth wrestled a four star match against his dad. In all seriousness that match was fantastic and I think the finish was perfect. Drew shouldn’t lose yet.

Pat from Boston

I was at the show tonight so apologies if this is a bit long. Overall it was a fun show to attend and was certainly a better episode than last week (low bar I know). The crowd was hot for a good portion of the night. The opening segment was strong and both Lashley and Reigns felt important.

The women’s tag was also fun with the crowd getting behind Nia and Alexa coming off as a pretty good chicken shit heel.

Rollins came off as a legit star and had a really fun match with Drew. Unfortunately, that talking segment did no one any favors. Do we really need the most over babyface on Raw suggesting that Drew has sex with sheep? Who does that help?

One problem with being at the show live, however, is there is no way to tune in late and fast forward through the countless worthless segments. 3 hours is quite clearly just too long of a show. Mojo/Jose, Hardy/Dallas, Liv/Ember and countless bad promos/backstage skits (B team promos, Riott squad nonsense, Jinder etc.) made me feel like I had been at the arena for 6 hours, rather than 3 at times.

Extreme Rules should be a fun show but I am eager to see it in the rearview as it feels like a lot of filler leading up to the far more important Summer Slam.

Rob from Mississauga,

Just going to put some takeaways I saw from watching most of Raw, (Not going to lie, I skipped the Balor tag match for Being the Elite because I was feeling the grind)

  • Finn, Authors of Pain, Bobby Roode are now the new geeks? When did that memo come out.

  • The look on Corey’s face when Cole started to talk about Sasha and Bayley was great, not sure if that was kayfabe or he just decided to subtly show his hate for the angle.

  • I don’t know how to take Braun these days. I mean I get it, they finally have a guy the crowd cheers for because he doesn’t back down and stands up to anyone, including heels, but at this point doesn’t it feel like they are going to screw up with him literally now bullying Owens?

Overall I give this a 4/10 only cause of a good Rollins main event.


Can’t tell the difference, did we just watch last week or the week before or was this new?..what a clustefuck!