FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/5/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

I think I’m just embarrassed for Seth Rollins at this point. The bait and Trish spot was pretty lame. Trish had to cross a border for that. On the bright side, Becky sounded like a killer and Samoa Joe is one of the best in the company. He also cared for Roman after he got cracked by a car. What a guy. The time has come. The end of the IICONIC title run. They actually looked good in ring. Mandy and Asuka had a terrible exchange. Good for Cross and Bliss, they should be fun champions. 6.5.

Jalen from Pickering,

This show was weird. Seth looked stupid and cut another bad promo. He didn’t look like a tough baby face. He looked like a guy walking into an unwinnable situation where there were no stakes and no actual need to do so.
The Joe/Roman thing was weird, as I don’t see why Joe would feel sympathy for him. And idk why the guy in a blockbuster movie is in the middle of a mystery angle and not on summerslam yet.
And seeing Asuka actually shine at moments is a sad reminder of how badly they botched the best wrestler NXT ever built up.

AJ from PA

This was a fun show and Summerslam is shaping up to be a pretty solid card. I would have actually enjoyed the OBGYN segment if it weren’t for the ridiculously cheap set. It was stupid but fun and in a 3 hour show, there is plenty of room for that.

The Reigns angle was unexpected and had me excited for a return from break for the first time in a long time. Should have ended the show with that, honestly.

Do you guys think the ending to that Reigns segment signaled a face turn for Joe?


Tess from Oklahoma City

I actually liked this episode of Raw well enough. I get not showing Trish wrestle, but honestly I think the booking is so weird. Trish will definitely get good cheers in Toronto but Nattie probably won’t, if they wanted Becky to be positioned as a heel it would have made way more sense to keep Charlotte out until post Summerslam and have Becky vs Trish.

I really enjoyed the women’s tag match and I am happy it was the main event. I think Bliss and Cross have great chemistry and may be able to actually bring the tag titles out of their weird off tv phase.

The Goldberg vs Ziggler thing is odd but I saw it coming after listening to the podcast last week and John saying how weird it was they kept mentioning Goldberg. Almost seems to me that HBK couldn’t get medical clearance so they had to pivot and use Goldberg. Hard for me to believe they go with Goldberg over Michaels given the choice for the Ziggler matchup.

Jay from Colorado

Roman is made of glass. He barely gets hit by the scaffolding last week, and he’s down. The car this week barely hits him, and he’s down. Maybe Roman should be a ref.

While I’m sad my Iconics lost the tag titles, it needed to happen. The division is stale and they need some movement. But what the hell was the point behind showing Kari Sane and Asuka crying in Paige’s arms after? They need to be built up as badasses and that was just not badass.

I thought the commercial for the new WWE 2K20 was really cool as usual, and I loved seeing Velvateen Dream in it. The game looks like shit though. I’m going to say I’ll pass until the day it releases and then reluctantly buy it just to realize it’s the same shit as the year before jusk repackaged.

You know that quote by world famous circus founder PT Barnum, “a fool and his money will soon be parted.” Well I’m that fool. Because I spend 20+ hours a month watching a product I don’t like, spend $10 a month on it, and pay $60 every year to play it in video game form.

Sincerely, Jay the fool from Colorado

Chris Thunder from Down Under,

Highlights were the amazing Andrade-Rey match, even thought the Referee was looking at Zelina during the interference. And the Fiend continuing to attack legends unprovoked is interesting but the test will be when he returns in-ring.

While I’m biased in saying I’m sad to see the Iiconics reign end, truth be told their reign was nothing more then a bandage solution in a very shallow division.

I don’t need to see Goldberg v Dolph, and overall this go home show did not make me want to renew my WWE Network subscription, 3/10.

I know that during your reviews you occasionally mention “X was announced on early today”, how much time do you spend checking their website? I rarely ever check the website at all.

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Mj -

Just going to reiterate my call in to the Cafe, these short builds to matches are way better than multiple week beat downs and flip flopping titles to get to a rematch.

At some point The OC v New Day has Shield/Wyatt Family potential if they don’t water down the interaction. Survivor Series should be full of these old school matchups.
Also, when back, Finn needs to be involved with the Club in some way or form - with or against. Goldberg can have 20 bad matches and still get a massive pop. Straight up one of the most iconic entrances and songs in wrestling ever. Pops every time. Only thing I’ll regret not sticking around Sunday night for.

Do we think the person targeting Roman did it for the Rock? Seriously, after Roman’s performance as a Samoan mime in the Hobbs and Shaw movie maybe the Rock wants to kill his acting career? He did not speak a single word!!

Sidebar: BTE was awesome today. Throwback to the core cast. They made fun of how formulaic it has got. And the used it to tease future venues for tomorrow which is the proper way to integrate “digital and social”

See you in 6 - literally!


Wow that was a long show. Was it me or did this crowd seem pretty dead tonight? Besides high spots you could hear a pin drop. An those poor Vikings raiders had to squash those poor young boys to absolute silence. But overall pretty weird show tonight, 5 out of 10 Sunset flips

Tonight was a fun RAW from Pittsburgh, United States of America. Why have a Tag match if Trish was never meant to get involved until the post match? I could hear the PPG Paint dry during the Rollins/Lesnar segment. I love that the Mandible Claw is now an official move of The Fiend. You guys may have covered this or I might have missed it but; where was Kofi? Has someone checked on Davie after that finish in the Women’s Tag Match? Does that ad for the video game count as a return for Sheamus? Is Dolph/Goldberg the best build in the history of time? See ya boys on Sunday!

Nikki is VERY happy. It is her very first title in WWE.

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