FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/10/18

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What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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Brenden from California

This Universal Title feud is such a mess. It’s so nonsensical with weekly crimes being committed, organically produced babyface, Braun, being sacrificed, having the Tag/IC titles tied in, and the rest of the roster being paraded out like a pack of heel chumps. The only person in this feud I actually care about is Rollins.

This show dragged so hard for me this week. If they didn’t keep mentioning that Hell in a Cell was this weekend I would have forgotten this was a go-home show. There was so much damn filler. It just felt like they really only care about one feud. By the end of this episode they even made me feel the Rousey/Bliss match is some throw-away afterthought. I know WWE has never done these shows before the PPV well, but this one seriously left me with no interest for this Sunday (at least as far as the RAW feuds go). They did a better job of pushing the Smackdown matches on this episode.

Brandon from Oshawa

I would have rather seen Mick Foley be the ref for the Orton/Hardy match. Foley has a history with Orton, that he doesnt have with Roman or Strowman. I would have liked to see him cut a promo with Hardy, talking about how much Hardy wants this match and about the risks involved. It could have added so much more. He is not needed in the other Cell match.

Owens looks to be back on the tracks. Hopefully he continues being vicious and crazy and he doesnt just lose to Lashley, whenever their match happens. Speaking of Lashley, I guess the pay over on 205 Live isnt that great, with all these guys making appearances on Raw lately. First Gulak & Maverick and now Lio Rush. I like this. I think Lio can be a good mouthpiece for Lashley, but he needs to desperately turn heel, because Lio Rush is a definite heel in this role.

Rest of the show sucked at usual.

Jay from Colorado

So let me get this straight, AoP is a monster force to be reckoned with but couldn’t even handle the Sheild even with the help of a dozen or more other guys? They were easily dispatched, even with their tactical vests on! I get putting people like the Acension and Mike Kanellis in the beginning segment, but putting people like AoP and Kevin Owens there just made them look weak. And Dru Gulak is back again? Is he suddenly main roster?

Notice how the best things about Raw the last few weeks has been the promos from the Attitude Era guys? Foley’s promo made me long for the attitude ere as did the Michael’s, Undertaker and to a lesser degree the HHH promos.

Speaking of the best part of Raw, happy to see Renee permanently added to the team. Raw commentary is watchable again, errr I mean listenable.

Lastly, Lio Rush and Lashley? I don’t mind this pairing, but apparently we are just throwing random people from 205 Live with main roster guys now together now. What’s next, Noam Dar and Alicia Fox?

4 out of 10

Alex from Maple

RAW has just become such a chore. I honestly can’t think of the last PPV where I had zero interest in seeing a single match from
RAW. This was another bad show.

Natalya is a horrible actress and I’m not sure why she still there when so many others that are better aren’t even on the show. The main event title picture is incredibly boring. Mick Foley coming out was interesting but hardly saved the show. Triple H had a lacluster promo after last weeks confrontation.

I have no idea why I or anyone else continues with watch this shit.