FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/16/19

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Jay from Colorado

Can either of you help me to understand why at the beginning of this tournament the thought of Baron Corbin winning the King of the Ring seemed dreadful, but tonight it seemed exciting and different? Whatever it was about this tournament, it completely reinvigorated Baron Corbin. This was a really quick turn around for his career, he went from nuclear level heat from the crowd, to people chanting him and cheering his victory in five weeks. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. That match was his best yet and that end of days was sick.

Sam from Oswego

Hey guys, Once again thanks for taking my call last night. Raw was interesting tonight. From the my favorite match being the KOTR final and least favorite being the 6 man tag. It seriously gets to a point where they keep putting the same stuff on tv and its really bothering me. Rey had a good match and man I wish that Gable won. The ending of the match was beautiful, and with Gable fighting from underneath, made me feel as though good thins could be coming for him in the future. However, the overarching story of Kane coming to the arena to be put out by Bray really made me smile, because that is the way to put the man over. He is the new demon after all. Thanks guys. 6/10


Brandon from Oshawa

I cant believe that anyone actually thought there was a choice, other than Baron Corbin for King of The Ring. WWE hasnt used this tournament as a serious tool to build someone in years and that meant Corbin was perfect for this role.

Are we supposed to believe that The Fiend caused everything to go upside down at the beginning? What is the point of that? Did he steal Sami Callahans NXT hacker gimmick?

I guess Ricochet is just one of the geeks now. I thought Michael Cole was hilarious in “Rico’s” match with the beta cuck, Kanellis.

That ending really made me miss the days of big stables. I dont want Roode & Ziggler in The OC, but Balor and one or 2 more guys would be awesome.


This RAW had a little bit of everything, and like an episode of NITRO in 2000, it wasn’t boring. How long is it until we get Kacy Catanzaro’s reaction video to Ricochet being Maria’s baby daddy?

Paul from New Jersey

Hell of a KOTR final. Why no coronation or Corbination? That gender reveal segment start all the way to Rusev was an embarrassment! Keep Ricochet away from all of that. I feel bad for Mike. Rusev the dad then? What a cluster F.I enjoyed Kane even though the comedy was pretty bad. Big Dana Brooke fan. She looks crisp even though the match had no heat. Crowd kind of sucked, but a fantastic ending. 7

Noah from Vaughan

Hey guys, hope all is well

Aside from the bray wyatt segmants and AOP promo I thought this show was pretty bad, like having both new tag champions get beaten up by the guy that lost to a much smaller opponent last night, just so dumb. The gender reveal stuff is up there for worst segment of the year for me, the only saving grace of that was the commentary right afterwards was hilarious, however October 2nd can’t come soon enough. Thoughts on Brandon Cutler vs MJF added to the premiere episode?


I am watching Raw on a bit of delay so I will just share what happened:
A video package for NXT ran and it says if you want NO BS than NXT is for you. Awesome! But I’m watching Raw so what is this show for? Ok back to Raw, and Maria is doing a gender reveal, then says the father is Ricochet of all people - then her real life husband slaps him and goes to the ring to lose to Rico.
BUT that’s not all!!
RUSEV is back because, of course he’s the real real father! And they wonder why this guy gets zero reaction - maybe because we all know via the WWE show Total Divas that he is married to Lana. Insult my intelligence once, shame on me. Do it twice and…when is that show with NO BS start?

Firefly Fun House is great. I cannot believe the 180 Bray has pulled off for his career. The stuff with Glen Jacobs was fun. And AOP cut a killer promo which makes me wonder why we had to live in a world where Nakamura and Asuka were forced to speak English.

That’s all I got for now. Long live Saberism. 6.5 Young Buck shirts in an NXT promo package out of 10.
As you were.

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Brandon frm NJ

What’s good my guys that was an interesting raw. Love that a character like the fiend could have control of production and the lights. Love how they are treating this character like a supernatural threat. Hope they continue this push with him without him losing to Seth in the cell. How do you propose working around that without hurting either guy. Didn’t like the cuck angle love the return of rusev with the magnum pi aka mr baseball stache. See Wai I can send a normal email. Still steam coming out of his ears prob. I’m out of here love you guys drink it in mahhhhhn

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Andy from Columbus

I watched this show on my iPad, only raising the volume when Monday Night Football was on commercial break. Go Browns! What’s up with so many returns all of a sudden? Is there anyone left? 7 out of 10, that AoP promo was dope!

Eric in Miami

3 things that stood out for me

  1. at the end of the first quarter of the football game there was a reset from Cole telling us we were watching the King of the Ring final

  2. They did something very smart with The Fiend. Bray teased that a new photo was going on the wall. I thought he was attacking Rey, but after the Rey match he just put up a photo of Seth

  3. I really liked AOP doing the Salamanca Twins from Breaking Bad

I was ready to shit on this episode after confusing myself that ricochet was being paired with the dorks … But it was one of the best raws in months

Cameos, returns, great wrestling
Aexa and Nikki are great and extremely entertaining
Sasha and Bayley are doing fine

the 24/7 segments leading to a Kane return was great

Kotr final and closing segment were both among best segments this year

8/10 show