FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/20/21

What did you think of tonight’s WWE Raw?

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John good evening and Wai welcome back from excursion I hope your well. Espero que hayas usado mucha loción porque el sol estaba malvado Wai. Raw was a fun show. The six man before football was fun and the main event was very interesting stuff. Wonder what’s next?


John and Wai are Charlotte and Alexa Bliss having a Marcy’s Playground death match at Extreme Rules? Would you like me to sing the song? I was told I had a voice of a generation.

-John and Wai when Charlotte ripped the head off of Alexa’s doll what if cocaine came out of the head and Alexa was actually a drug mule.

-John and Wai I know rampage does what it does but don’t you think 33 min of Matt Hardy is a little much and also I get it with Kia Del Soul and his rivalry with Miro. What I’m trying to say is………oh sorry my internet cut off I forgot what I was say.

Good night


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Carl from Calgary:
Big E shout out to his friend Brodie Lee was a great moment and he was visibly emotional. Good on WWE for letting their champion speak to that.
I missed the reason for The Bloodline coming over to Raw but it can only help the battle with the competition to do this on occasion.

I find the Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley storyline similar in some ways to Orton and Riddle, maybe too much of the odd couple tag teams.

I think that we have to have legitimate matches with Reggie. This 24/7 title is just comedy filler but not that funny.

I think the Alexa Bliss angle has run its course. It is dragging down the title picture. Time to revert back or change character. It peaked when partnered with The Fiend.

A better than average Raw tonight. Bookending the show with Roman, Big E and Lashley certainly helped. The main event, in particular, was very strong and neither Lashley nor Big E looked weak coming out of it. It avoided the trope of the opposing brand’s champion pinning Raw’s champion and it would’ve been a bad look for Big E if he had taken the fall. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. He was presented as every bit Roman and Lashley’s equal.

I’m left wondering what’s next for him as Extreme Rules draws near.