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Jey Uso left the tribal nest and on the long, long road to redemption. Everyone he’s wronged being the right hand man from McIntyre to Riddle to Owens (who wasn’t there tonight) being leery of him being on Raw has potential to be gripping. An episode light on star power but the IC title got video packages all night long and Gunther/Gable was a home run in one of the better TV matches of the year.

The faux-Elvis will leave the building soon enough.

The “I can’t see Cena” jokes must be RETIRED after that Miz segment. R-Truth would sue his ass for biting his schtick.


I’m genuinely glad that I sat down for this Raw. The running theme of Jey Uso made him feel like such a big deal. It’s really a credit to post-Vince creative that they have been able create baby faces again.

The Miz segment was so good. Too good. Put it in the hat for promo of the year.

Thanks for all your coverage this weekend and your excellent CM Punk article.

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