FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/5/2022

Please leave us your feedback on WWE Raw from Kansas City, Missouri.

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• KO is a gem.
• Dominik Mysterio’s new baby goth, Grease Lightening look is magical.
• Johnny Backstage will become Johnny Wrestling again next week!
• Damage CTRL’s new entrance theme is a banger. I like the video GFX too.
• Braun Stroman looks like a Proud Boy in his Red Pants… “And no one is safe,”, especially towels! Because he’ll toss’em!
• Enough with the “Dunn Cuts” in the cage match while the door was getting slammed.
• Graves, Saxton and Smith seem so much more personable.

Re: CM Punk, if this matters at all… Nothing Punk said about Colt Cabana was about him being moved from AEW to ROH. He also accused MJF of shitting where he eats — after he insulted and undermined all the EVPs and other talents, in front of the company’s CEO.

The kind of hubris it takes to be this hypocritical is immeasurable.

If it’s a Work, it doesn’t make sense.
If it’s a Shoot, still doesn’t make sense.

No other star performers, let’s say like Tom Brady, go scorched earth on teammates, coaching staff, management, former players or the media after a big win on his home field. And, being a good heel doesn’t mean diminishing others personally.

I hope all of the AEW talents can mend these fences enough to keep the good thing they had going, going. The last thing any of us want to see is AEW self-destruct as WCW did.

Saeed from Vancouver.

To me it seemed like wwe phoned in this episode of Raw, looks like they didnt care as the opposition is on fire.

I might be alone on this one, but I really enjoyed Ko vs Theory.

Seems they love the backstage background segments with Nikki and Duodrop - in this edition, Nikki took her mask off, threw it at Duodrop and walked off.

Dang it, they got me! Now I’m looking forward to next week to see Gargano’s in-ring return and Dom vs Edge. Will be watching Raw and Monday night football at the same time.

Thank you for all the coverage this past weekend! You two are on another level.

Jermaine from Chicago. Hope you guys enjoyed your wrestling filled weekend. You two could run any target. Raw was just ok. I felt like this was a show that would introduce new programs but it seem like a filler show. The nfl is coming next week hunter needs to step up. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Raw needs a world champion. With news part time joe won’t be around for a while. How would you get the raw title back on the show. Not having a world champion on raw makes the show lesser. Thx you guys are the best

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