FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/9/19

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Fantastic way to start the show off. No messing about. Austin had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Braun and Seth sounded good, but the MVP for me was AJ Styles. The guy made an already good segment great. Really solid wrestling on this show. FireFly funhouse was superb and a Baron Corbin, Corbin sucks chant? New York is truly a magical city. Street profits were very entertaining. 8.5. I want a demonic remix of Bayley’s theme, but I guess you can’t have it all.

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Jalen from Pickering,

Good RAW, probably best of the year. The 4HW and KOTR delivered. Idk who thought the 10 man should main event, but I appreciate the continuity with bringing the raiders into the mix.
I really dislike how they ended the show, they let Cedric’s win sink in for 0 seconds. I get it’s stone cold, but he already appeared, the beer drinking could’ve easily been a dark segment.
FFH was good as usual. Fun fact about the FFH, 11/19 is the date of Undertaker’s debut, so that’s some good foreshadowing.

Jay from Colorado

Fantastic show all around.

Nothing about the Austin segment felt forced, and I loved that they started the show with it. It started things off on a high note and I feel like the crowd was pretty high on everything most of the night.

The women’s four way was one of the best television matches I have ever seen. Those four women know how to work together, and even though we’ve seen it before I can’t wait to see more.

Mysterio vs Gran Metalik was good, but I wish they would have had more time. Those are arguably two of the best luchadores on the roster along with Andrade, and they could have put on a hell of a show.

Corbin’s gonna win the tournament. This was my thought at the beginning of the tournament and I dreaded it, but honestly it doesn’t even upset me anymore. I’ve honestly been enjoying his work lately. I really hope it’s Gable, but King Shorty G sounds like it could do more damage to his push than good.


Brandon frm NJ

Hello is it me you were looking for? Hey guys been a minute how are you? Enough with the pleasantries cause I can’t reply anywhoo man that first hour of raw was stuff like a gordeda crunch from a Bordega in Jackson heights. They wanted and The Fiend a hot rating to own the libs and they delivered. AJ Cyrus’s stone cold impression was pretty funny and the women’s tag match delivered good show eh.


-the fans going to fighting spirit are gonna be disappointed when they see what the rock n rolls look like compared to their publicity photo that NJPW put out

-Wai you weren’t the one fur shaming JLO at TIFF right

-same TIFF question do you think @DaviePortman was passing out headshots to prospective film executives to get work to support Braden

-what’s the % of a takeover going up against full gear? I’m at 80

-John were you shocked that Ramen Noodle Kadyrov was at the ufc show? What a mark for khabib he is. The ufc should no better than to have that despot glam all over the biggest Russian athlete just for political gain.

I’m out of here peace

Mj, not at the Garden tonight
Missed going to this live since I had this thing called work.

Quick thoughts:

  • Cedric has had two moments in main events in as many months and he just gets treated like a jobber at the end anyway. Hit Stone Colds music! (do you remember his other main event moment)
  • Bray is killing it, fully expect and need him to get Taker tomorrow - they have a past, it would be a great way to heat him up for Hell in a Cell and they can do a match at “Parts Unknown” Middle East on holloween of all days
  • four horsewoman should culminate in a fatal fourway in the Cell, they all looked to work real hard tonight.
  • Viking Raiders look great in a more featured role. And paired with OC, I like it for both teams.

It looks like they are potentially doing away with TakeOvers - or at least advertising a Worlds Collide show :thinking:

Sandy from Los Angeles, California

Me and my boyfriend are in New York for the week and since tickets were fairly cheap at $50 we decided to go to RAW. Due to our “seat being obstructed,” our seats were upgraded. It wasn’t a bad RAW. Crowd was checked out during the main event and did the wave at one point but woke up when Austin came back out at the end - which makes sense since half of them were wearing Austin shirts. Mysterio vs Gran Metalik was my match of the night. I wish we had seen more women than the four horsewomen and Lacey Evans and I felt bad for Cedric Alexander since the crowd was dead for him most of the night.

Great email what’s the point in sending when they don’t even finish them lmao